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Streamline your agency's email production process

Beefree is the preferred HTML email builder for agencies of all sizes. Keep client emails organized with on-brand workspaces, design and collaborate smoothly, and export directly to any platform.

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"Beefree has cut down our time in email development by 66% compared to building emails directly in an ESP, such as Mailchimp."

Aimee Meester

Founder and CEO, Madison Taylor Marketing

"Beefree has helped us to increase speed, have more consistent designs, assurance that emails won't break due to code errors, easy access to assets, and control over links and versioning."

Victor Daga

Teach Lead, Media company

"Beefree has enabled me to turn around email creation very quickly, approval processes are shorter, and there are considerable cost savings as well."

EVP, Marketing Operations

Alchemy Seven Marketing

"Beefree has enabled us to have better designs, easier HTML imput, quicker results."

Agency Owner

The Agency

"Beefree helped us develop emails that are creative, polished, and don't feel like just another corporate email.”

Director of Strategic
Communication and Creative Services


Navigate multiple clients, projects, and campaigns with ease

Centralize and manage client projects effortlessly with Beefree Workspaces. Set unique brand style settings, organize designs, and create reusable content blocks and templates — all within a single, centralized workspace tailored to each client’s needs.

Effortlessly maintain brand consistency across all clients

Customize your client's dedicated Workspace with their unique brand guidelines. These settings will apply to all new emails, pages, and templates created by your team, allowing for faster email creation.

Harmonious integration with sending platforms

Experience smooth management of clients across various MAP and ESPs. Beefree’s platform-agnostic nature allows you to connect to your client's sending platform or simply copy and paste HTML with one click.

15-day free trial. No credit card required. 

Scale your team’s email production and productivity to new heights ​​

Come together in one centralized location to design, collaborate, and organize impactful messages that meet and exceed client expectations.

Empower your growing team with granular access controls

Assign users roles such as administrators, editors, and more to help safeguard clients’ sensitive data and clearly communicate responsibilities across projects. Apply user permissions to restrict editing access for added brand control.

Streamline client communication and satisfaction

With Beefree’s real-time editing, design-specific commenting, and in-app Review for Approval flows, clients and team members can provide clear and actionable feedback. This enables your agency to spend less time juggling tools and focus on timely delivery of high-quality, on-brand designs.

Become your client’s hero

For tight deadlines or unexpected email emergencies, Beefree’s advanced solutions ensure quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

15-day free trial. No credit card required. 

An HTML email builder for on-brand, responsive, and mobile-optimized campaigns

Put compatibility concerns to rest

Ensure that all of your clients’ messages render perfectly across email clients and devices. Our mobile builder allows for further customization to ensure a cohesive experience across all screen sizes.

Become your client’s hero

Beefree is the perfect solution for short deadlines or emergency emails. With one click, turn pages into emails and vice versa to craft fully cohesive and thoughtful digital campaigns in minutes.

15-day free trial. No credit card required. 

Empower your designers to create without limits

When you're juggling creativity, tight deadlines, demanding clients, and clunky tools that only slow you down, Beefree is the partner Designers need by their side.

A better, more flexible solution

Leave behind rigid constraints with Beefree. As an extension of your sending platform, Beefree allows for unbound design possibilities, while leveraging your ESP’s capabilities for tracking and automation.

Speed up email campaign turnaround time by half

Beefree’s flexibility allows designers to quickly bring visions to life. With one click, turn pages into emails and vice versa, creating cohesive digital campaigns in minutes.

Deliver on-brand, responsive, and mobile-optimized campaigns

With Beefree, put compatibility concerns to rest. Ensure all communications render perfectly across email clients and devices. Use Mobile Design Mode, to customize emails for an optimal mobile experience.


of Beefree agency customers have increased efficiency in email creation


of Agencies using Beefree have experienced a seamless integration with their sending platforms


of Agency users have enhanced their email’s design and responsiveness after using Beefree


of users had a payback period of 3 months or less
*Survey conducted by UserEvidence
15-day free trial. No credit card required.