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Beefree templates for Amazon SES

Cloud-based email sending service Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is an easy-to-use platform used by marketers to promote their brand.

The Beefree builder is a simple way to create emails. Anyone, regardless of experience can use Beefree's HTML templates to quickly and easily create emails for their brand.

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Benefits of using Beefree templates for Amazon SES

Beefree's email templates are a great fit for any brand with big email marketing goals. The template catalog at Beefree includes hundreds of mobile-responsive templates. With targeted templates for e-commerce messages, holiday greetings, and so much more, designing the perfect email for your next campaign is a breeze.

Once you've selected an email template (or opted to create an email from scratch), use the Beefree builder to customize the email. The builder's drag-and-drop feature lets you add your own branded images, font, colors and more. When you're finished with the email, you can export it to an email service provider of your choice — including your Amazon SES account.

How to use Amazon SES with Beefree

To connect your accounts and use Amazon SES email templates, you'll need a Beefree account.

Once your account is set up and ready to go, you can connect it to your Amazon SES account. Heres how:

How to use Amazon SES with Beefree

Log into your Beefree account, go to "Settings" and then "Connectors." Find Amazon SES and click the purple "Connect" button. In the pop-up, insert the following information: your AWS key, your region and (if desired) your account name. Then you'll be able to connect your accounts.

How to export a template

Once you're done designing your email, click "Exit" on the top right hand corner to access the Email Details page. Once you're there, click "Export" and then, select "Push to your sending system." Choose Amazon SES from the list of options. If you haven't already connected your accounts via Settings, you'll need to do that now.

Otherwise, you can immediately send your template to your Amazon account. You'll find the Amazon SES templates in your Amazon account under "Email Sending" and "Email Templates".

Take your Amazon SES and Beefree connector to the next level by considering a Beefree Enterprise Plan. This plan is helpful if you're designing messages for several different clients or different applications. Beefree Enterprise gives you the capability to create designated workspaces to manage each client and set style guidelines for faster email creation.