Campaign Monitor email templates

Browse beautiful responsive HTML templates for Campaign Monitor,
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Beefree templates for Campaign Monitor

Email service provider Campaign Monitor is used by over 2 million marketers worldwide who appreciate the email automation tool's easy-to-use, effective features.

It also offers a highly affordable monthly payment plan, making it a good choice for companies of any size.

Benefits of using Beefree with Campaign Monitor

Best of all, Campaign Monitor supports integrations with tools like Beefree that allow you to create beautiful email templates for Campaign Monitor with ease.

Not a professional coder, but still need to create professional marketing emails to use as Campaign Monitor templates? The Beefree template catalog can help. Beefree works closely with professional graphic designers to create email templates tailored for specific seasons or holidays (think Halloween, Hanukkah or spring sales) and for different types of marketing campaigns or email series (such as events, surveys or abandoned cart messages).

When you sign up for a free Beefree account, you can use Beefree's intuitive drag-and-drop builder to customize these email templates for your brand. Grab your template of choice and open up Beefree to add your own text, images, colors, fonts and other desired elements within the framework provided. Then push the templates over to Campaign Monitor (or another ESP). All Beefree templates are mobile-responsive and will render well in every inbox.

How to use Beefree email templates for Campaign Monitor

Here's how to connect your accounts and use Beefree templates for Campaign Monitor.

How to connect your accounts

From your Beefree account, go to "Settings" and "Connectors." Choose Campaign Monitor and type in the email address and password associated with your Campaign Monitor account. Then click "Allow access" and your accounts are officially connected. Easy enough!

How to create Campaign Monitor templates

Once your accounts are connected, you can design emails in Beefree and then push them over to the ESP. There's just one catch: Each of your Campaign Monitor templates needs to include a certain unsubscribe syntax that's required by Campaign Monitor.

To add this syntax in the Beefree builder, select the section in your email where you'd like to include an unsubscribe link. Add a text block and click "Merge Tags." In the list of tags that pops up, you'll see one that says "Unsubscribe: Campaign Monitor." Click on that tag and it will be inserted into your email.

Once you've added that syntax and finished editing the rest of your template, save the email and click "Export." Choose the option "Push to a sending system" and then "Campaign Monitor," and your email will automatically be sent over to your Campaign Monitor account.

Campaign Monitor's capabilities with Beefree's makes the perfect pair for all of your email marketing needs.