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We exist to democratize beautiful, high-performing content design by making tools that free people up to do their best work. Wanna join us?

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Our story

In 2014, a group of passionate creatives, marketers, and techies joined forces to create the Best Email Editor in the game. With an understanding that great design should not only look beautiful but drive results, Beefree came to life.

On our mission to create tools that free people up to do their best work, we’ve expanded our offerings to include landing pages, pop-ups, and more. Our accessible and easy-to-use tools have empowered millions of people around the world to create work they’re proud of. We’ve got a big goal of becoming the no-code design standard for all businesses, but with the right team, we know we can make it happen.

Our values and behaviors


  • I work with enthusiasm and share it.
  • I enjoy what I do.
  • I’m proud of my company & our work.
  • I go the extra mile.


  • I recognize and value my colleagues’ contribution.
  • I listen to and give feedback attentively.
  • I share my expertise for the benefit of my team’s growth and success.
  • I care about our customers, 
the environment, and all the stakeholders.


  • I’m trustworthy because I’m accountable.
  • I choose to trust my colleagues
  • I’m confident in delegating my work.
  • I’m comfortable expressing disagreement.


  • I value other people’s points of view.
  • I embrace change and new ideas.
  • I’m open to recognizing and learning from my mistakes.
  • I love to learn and keep up-to-date.

Our operating principles

As a remote-first company, we value human connection, autonomy, trust, and, above all, freedom. The freedom to not only work from anywhere but to express ourselves through our work and think outside of the box.

Work in public

Whenever possible, we default to transparency, so our work is visible and leads to collaboration.

Remote, together

We value remote work but invest in building stronger relationships by getting people together.

Best in class

At the “thing” we do, we want to be among the very, very best.

Always us first

We should be the first, heavy users of our products, whenever possible.

Truly helpful

We built something valuable. It’s best-in-class. We use it ourselves. Are we helping others get the most out of it?

Join Beefree for a rewarding adventure

We're a Made in Italy software company with a team that spans across Europe and the U.S., combining the best of both worlds.
We foster collaboration, radical transparency, and continuous feedback, always embracing the diverse and unique perspective that each individual brings so that true innovation and creativity can flourish. As a continuous effort to build meaningful relationships, we host our yearly company-wide retreats that allow us to recharge and create space where everyone belongs.

Join our team to make an impact in content design and experience the freedom to innovate and grow.

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Open positions

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While we currently have no open positions, we encourage you to keep an eye on this space for future opportunities – we can't wait to meet you!

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