Increase team productivity with Beefree, the go-to HubSpot email builder. 

Beefree’s user-friendly capabilities allow teams with large workloads to get inspired, get creative, and get results faster than ever before.

Speed up email production with ready-to-use templates

Enjoy enhanced brand control and customization to stay on-brand

Transform emails into landing pages easily, ensuring cohesive campaigns

Optimize marketing efforts with guidance from our AI copy Assistant 

Design emails and pages without ever needing to write a single line of code.

Export to HubSpot with just a few clicks.

Simplify your email marketing process
with a seamless and intuitive HubSpot email editor

Integrate HubSpot's robust CRM and automation tools with Beefree’s flexible email design capabilities
to streamline your email campaigns and drive remarkable results. Perfect for teams of all sizes. 

illustration of Beefree's preview options for mobile and desktop mode

Unlimited design

Transform ideas into mobile-optimized designs in hours, with Mobile Design Mode. Beefree's builder makes crafting digital campaigns a breeze.

Design and collaborate
all in one place

Beefree streamlines collaboration, reviews, and approvals. Leave design-specific comments in the visual builder for alignment before publishing.

Landing page creation in minutes, not days

Swiftly and timely create custom landing pages without the need for dev resources or coding. Host pages, track leads, and measure campaign success with HubSpot.

Save time, resources, and increase campaign productivity

Experience the power of Beefree and HubSpot to deliver impactful messages, drive remarkable results, and enhance your brand's online presence. With just one click, transform emails into engaging landing pages, or vice versa.

Maintain consistent branding across all touchpoints by simply designing visually compelling emails and pages in Beefree, and hosting and tracking performance with HubSpot.

Beefree email templates for higher education and human resources

Free HubSpot newsletter templates

Eliminate the challenges of time and resource constraints in your design process with Beefree. Whether you’re creating emails or landing pages, Beefree offers over 1,700 templates for every occasion, industry, or season. Simply drag, drop, copy, and rearrange content. 

Create your own templates featuring reusable and synchronized content rows and empowers your team to maintain brand consistency while saving time and effort across multiple campaigns.

Always stay consistent and on-brand

Take control of your brand identity with Beefree’s Workspace Styles. Add icons, colors, fonts, and more for on-brand materials instantly. Only available for paid plans.

PRO Tip: Create on-brand reusable content blocks. Build templates for headers, footers, CTA buttons, and more. Easily add them to future emails, speeding up production.

Fuse HubSpot's CRM capabilities with Beefree's email builder for optimized email campaigns

Drag and drop content quickly using Beefree's easy-to-use builder.

Save time with AI

Save time on email production with AI and reusable content.

Collaborate, comment, review and approve

Collaborate, comment, review and approve all in one place.

Optimize emails and pages for mobile with Mobile Design Mode.

Export emails and pages to HubSpot in just a few clicks.

Leverage capabilities

Leverage HubSpot's advanced automation capabilities.

What customers say about
HubSpot & Beefree

“Easy import to HubSpot, way better than HubSpot's
email design tools.”

Director of Business Development


By connecting our HubSpot account to Beefree, emails designed with Beefree had an outstanding average open rate of 36%, which was 15% higher than campaigns created with other tools.”

Read the entire success story

Kate Lavrenchuk

Marketing, LeadFolderly

"Beefree has significantly decreased the time spent fiddling with email builders within the ESP (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Omnisend). We have been able to direct far more focus to clients' needs in other departments while delegating email creation right to our designers only because of Beefree's easy-to-use interface."

Rus A.

Marketing Strategist, Digital Agency

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Beefree is a complete email and landing page design suite that helps freelancers, teams, and agencies save time, collaborate, and follow branding guidelines. A consistent brand is a memorable one. Take advantage of your Branding Kit in Beefree to design emails and pages faster and send them with HubSpot!
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