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"Beefree is great for creating email and shipping the HTML in clean delivery to any email platform. This is the only place I create email for my clients."

Influ Group

CEO, iNFLUgroup

"It's really creative and easy to use. We are using Beefree for email designing, and then we push that design to HubSpot. It's amazing and we get a lot of designs."

Parul Khanna

Marketer, Education Management

"Ensuring an on-brand mobile experience, in addition to our desktop viewing, is crucial for our readers' consistent content access. It really helped to push our audience retention rates through the roof."

Jeff Miskis

Principal, Facture

Supercharge your email marketing efforts with AI Assistant

Whether you're a busy marketer or a seasoned copywriter, our AI Assistant is here to help. Generate suggestions, alternative phrasing, and topic prompts in no time, ending writer's block and letting you create engaging content in minutes.

Responsive mobile-friendly emails, always.

We understand the importance of delivering emails that not only look great but also perform well. That's why our platform includes robust optimization features. Preview your emails across various devices, test for responsiveness, and make necessary adjustments for the optimal mobile experience.

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Say goodbye to lengthy design processes that slow you down. With our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, extensive library of templates, and intuitive interface, effortlessly create emails and landing pages that align with your brand and marketing goals.

Mobile Design Mode

Customize layouts, and arrange elements for a seamless mobile experience with Beefree.

Reusable content blocks

Streamline your email creation process by saving time on repetitive edits and ensure brand consistency with our Saved and Synced rows feature.

Convert emails to pages easily

Extend the reach of your email campaigns beyond the inbox. With just a few clicks, transform your emails into web pages.

Beefree is a fast, collaborative email & landing page design suite

Beefree slashes email and landing page production time while preserving design freedom and brand consistency. Turn ideas into responsive emails and pages in mere hours.

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