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Save hours on email creation

Design emails with ease

Collaborate, review, and approve

Get helpful guidance from the AI copy Assistant

Push to Mailchimp with one click

Say goodbye to rendering issues

Organize and store all your designs in one place

Export an email:
how it works

Quickly connect Beefree to your Mailchimp account before designing or after completion. With just a few clicks, select Mailchimp as the export destination. The email will be saved as a new template and appear in your account within seconds.

Beefree email templates for higher education and human resources

Email template builder for Mailchimp

Don't have time to design? In need of inspiration? We got your back. Creating professional, on brand emails has never been easier. With over 1,700+ email templates to choose from, we guarantee you'll find something for every occasion.

Experience a new level of design freedom

Effortless customization with Beefree's user-friendly builder—no HTML knowledge needed. Personalize text, colors, and more. Add images, videos, polls, and gifs.

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Design mobile responsive emails in hours, not days

Build mobile-optimized emails with Beefree's Mobile Design Mode. Customize content, element position, text size, alignment, and more. Deliver engaging and consistent email experiences on any device.

Effortlessly collaborate with your team

With Beefree, collaborate seamlessly by designing, writing, and gathering content-specific feedback in a single app. Add comments to specific elements and tag colleagues or clients for change notifications.

PRO Tip: Optimize your email creation workflow with a Beefree paid plan. Assign distinct roles to empower your team and enhance your email creation workflow.

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Supercharge your email marketing
with Beefree
and Mailchimp

Drag and drop content quickly using Beefree's easy-to-use builder.

Save time with AI

Save time on email production with AI and reusable content.

Collaborate, comment, review and approve

Collaborate, comment, review and approve all in one place.

Optimize emails for mobile with Mobile Design Mode.

Export effortlessly
to Mailchimp.

Leverage capabilities

Leverage Mailchimps' advanced automation capabilities.