Klaviyo email templates

Browse Beefree's catalog of beautiful and responsive HTML templates for Klaviyo. Once you select your favorite, effortlessly customize it to match your brand guidelines with the drag and drop feature. No coding expertise needed!

Beefree's Klaviyo HTML email templates

Klaviyo is an email marketing automation platform that's tailor-made for e-commerce brands.

With its powerful automation capabilities including features like AB testing, auto-responses, a contact database and much more, Klaviyo can help any brand increase revenue through smart email marketing. The platform is user-friendly and makes it simple to get started. And when tools like the Beefree email builder come into play, it's even easier to create Klaviyo HTML email templates and send targeted messages to your customers.

Benefits of using Beefree with Klaviyo

The Beefree builder is a free email marketing tool that's a good fit for businesses and brands of any size. Use Beefree's responsive HTML email templates to create everything from sales emails to email newsletters. Then export those templates to Klaviyo and send them out to your email list. Read on for more information about Klaviyo, Beefree and why you should use them together.

Sending high-quality emails to your customers is an essential marketing strategy for the health of your business. But often, designing these emails can take a lot of hard work and extra time. That's where Beefree comes into play. Beefree's catalog includes more than 1,500 email templates created by professional designers, with options for every type of campaign. With so many to choose from, you can select the email that best matches your company's needs, then customize it with your own copy and with brand visuals such as company logo, brand colors and preferred fonts.

Use the Beefree's drag and drop capabilities to fully customize your templates in just a few clicks. Then save your emails and effortlessly export to Klaviyo. With Beefree, you can create an email newsletter, design sales emails promoting your Shopify account or make any other type of email you need to send.

How to use Beefree and Klaviyo

Ready to create Klaviyo email templates for Shopify? Follow these steps to link your Beefree and Klaviyo accounts so you can design emails with Beefree and then push them over to Klaviyo.

How to connect your Beefree and Klaviyo accounts

The first step in connecting your accounts is to get your Klaviyo API key. From your Klaviyo dashboard, click "Account", "Settings" and "API Key". If you don't already have an API key, create a new one. Go ahead and copy the key once it's generated.

Next, head over to your Beefree account and open up "Settings" and then "Connectors". Choose Klaviyo from the list and paste your API key (entering your account name is optional). Click "Connect" and your accounts will immediately be linked.

How to export Klaviyo newsletter templates

Once your accounts are connected, you'll be able to export emails to Klaviyo after designing them in Beefree. Create an email in the Beefree builder, save it; then click "Export." Then, choose "Push to a sending system." Select Klaviyo from the list of connectors and click "Create." Your campaign will be created in Klaviyo.

Klaviyo and Beefree are both excellent tools for marketers. And when you use them together, you can create Klaviyo email templates to wow your customers and increase your revenue!