Earn 20% of first year revenue with our Beefree Ambassador program

Promote your favorite drag-and-drop HTML email builder, and earn 20% for the first year a new customer purchases a Beefree paid plan using your link.

How the Beefree Ambassador program works

Once approved and verified, access the dashboard for resources, unique referral links, transaction tracking, and real-time payments. Our user-friendly Ambassador portal has it all!

Apply to the program

Once accepted, you’ll get access to your dashboard and referral link.

Download Ambassador kit

With logos and other useful assets you can use in your communications.

Share link

Share your link in your blog posts, newsletters, on your social media channels, and more!

Get rewarded

For promoting Beefree to your audience, customers, or users.

Are you a(n) ...

Choose the group that best suits you to ensure you receive the best resources from Beefree to help you succeed.

Marketing agency

Perfect for managing multiple clients and teams

  • Multiple workspaces with individual branding controls
  • Streamline approval process through real-time collaboration and external reviewers
  • Integration with your favorite sending platform
  • AI Assistant for copy creation and optimization

B2B/B2C Directory

Ideal solution for multiple departments and brands

  • Faster on-brand email campaign creation
  • Improved design collaboration through comments and real-time co-editing
  • Responsive mobile-design mode
  • AI Assistant for copy creation and optimization


Speed up email production with user-friendly builder.

  • Create email and pages quickly, no coding required
  • Save, reuse, and synchronize content across projects
  • Seamless collaboration and approval features
  • AI Assistant to help enhance copy and content

Earn on all the transactions for the first year

You will earn 20% of the money generated by each new Beefree customer in the first 12 months of their subscription.

Real reviews from real customers

"Beefree's simple, intuitive email builder is one of the best email builders I've used (and I've used a lot of them)"

Creative Director

Small business

"Beefree is...hands down the fastest and cleanest builder I've ever used. Knowing that every design will be on brand ...is clutch."



"The platform we didn't know we needed -
now we can't function without it!"

Digital Marketing Lead

Medical Devices Company


Learn about the program's benefits, and see how you can make the most of your role as a Beefree Ambassador.

How long is my partnership with Beefree in effect for?

Unless otherwise specified, we’re happy to partner with you on an ongoing basis. You will earn 20% of the money generated by each new Beefree customer who uses your referral code to sign up in the first 12 months of their subscription.

Where can I promote my referral code?

We encourage you to share your referral code on your own content. Writing a blog post about the best email software companies? Don’t forget to drop your referral code in. Posting on social media about email marketing? Make sure to use your referral code as your link for Beefree. Are you an agency or marketing expert? Encourage your clients to sign up for Beefree using your referral code. You can also link out of any YouTube videos directly with your referral link!

Am I allowed to bid on Google Adwords with my referral code?

No! This is grounds for immediate disqualification from the Beefree Ambassador program.

Where can I find Beefree logos, colors, fonts, etc.?

Beefree brand elements are located in the Partnerstack resources section.

How long do cookies last for?

We use cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days start again.

What happens if users cancel their Beefree subscription before the first year ends?

You will get paid for all subscription payments until the subscription is cancelled.

What happens if a user subscribes to a monthly subscription for 2 months and then switches to an annual subscription?

As long as the transaction occurs within the first 12 months, it will count. In this example, there are two monthly transactions and then an annual one, which all count as they occur during the first year of the subscription.

What are the Beefree Ambassador Program Terms of Service?

You can find the Terms of Service here.

What does my referral code do?

You will earn 20% of the money generated by each new Beefree customer who uses your referral code to sign up in the first 12 months of their subscription.

Are there any templates I can use to promote my referral code?

Yes, please see the Beefree Ambassador kit for graphics, banners, etc., you can utilize. We’ll also update the resource section with any graphics for special promotions we may run.

Who is my point of contact? Can I get a quote for an article/video/podcast etc. I am working on?

Please contact Samantha Hoffmann through the Partnerstack messaging center for any questions, comments or concerns, or email her directly at samantha.hoffmann [at] beefree.io. She will be happy to facilitate any media requests as well.

How do I get paid?

At the end of each month, your rewards are calculated and available for cash-out via direct deposit, PayPal or Stripe (alternative methods available for non-PayPal/direct deposit regions). Just log into your PartnerStack account to cash out.

When do I get paid?

Payments are verified and paid out the month after your reward is earned. For example, any rewards earned in February will be available on March 16th.

What happens if users upgrade or downgrade their Beefree plan?

You will get paid for all subscription payments during the first 12 months of a new account. Payments may go up and down as the customer upgrades to a higher plan or downgrades to a lower one.

What happens if users add additional users to their account?

Same for upgrades and downgrades, as mentioned above.

Become a Beefree Ambassador