Beefree for Sales

Transform your sales proposals process with Beefree

Focus more on closing deals and less on creating content. Simplify your proposals with our user-friendly, intuitive landing page tool.

Sales proposals for the modern seller

Beefree robust design and collaboration features equip sales professionals with the tools they need to create impactful proposals faster and win more deals.

Create and  update proposals effortlessly

Use our templates for quick drafting and content blocks (we call them saved synced rows) for easy updates, ensuring your proposals are always current and professional.

Always the latest version

No more outdated PDFs. Beefree's dynamic landing pages ensure your customers always access the most recent proposal. Customize each proposal with ease using our dynamic rows, ensuring your content is always relevant and personalized.

AI Assistant: Enhance your proposal writing

Create compelling follow-ups and contract overviews in less time with Beefree's AI writing Assistant. Focus more on closing deals and less on drafting content, with an effortless and user-friendly writing experience.

Get approvals quickly

Collaborate, provide feedback, and approve in one place. Real-time webhook notifications keep you updated on comments and status changes, enhancing team agility and efficient proposal management.

Real success with Beefree:
Our Sales team's experience

"At Beefree, we embody our 'Always Us First' philosophy by using the very tool we sell, and it's transformed how we approach sales proposals. We've not only increased our efficiency but also seen
a notable improvement in customer engagement and conversion rates."

Tyler Bennett

Head of Sales at Beefree