The email builder to solve Account Engagement (Pardot) design limitations

Design, collaborate, approve, and organize in Beefree, then boost engagement in your campaigns by seamlessly exporting to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot).

Design emails with ease

Collaborate, review, and approve

Get helpful guidance from the AI copy Assistant

Push right to Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot) 

Say goodbye to rendering issues

Organize and store all your designs in one place

G2Crowd - Capterra reviews

Real reviews from real customers

“We are able to do more with our designs and since our email platform (Pardot) is not user-friendly with designing, we are able to greatly increase our range. We are able to hop in and out of designs and add comments where needed. We have the ability to design just about anything we want.”

Marketing Manager

National weekly sports trade magazine

“Beefree is very easy, I was able to create professional-looking emails right pretty quickly.. We saw a drastic increase in speed of email production, collaboration, and the quality of email communications.”

Technical Marketing Specialist

Technical Marketing Specialist,
Large IT service management company

"It's a designer’s dream to be able to change such specific spacing issues and letting issues. I love being able to get really specific with colors, and the background. It's little details like that we think are huge benefits. Being able to have such flexibility when representing our brand is huge."

Taryn Hart

Content Specialist, Kudos

Bridging the gap: Solving Account Engagement (Pardot) design limitations

For many enterprises, Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot) is vital, but its design limits can curb campaign potential. Enter Beefree - enabling you to create dazzling emails while harnessing Pardot's power. With us, you don't compromise on design or functionality.

Export an email:
How it works

Link Beefree to your account either pre or post-design. Select Account Engagement (Pardot) as your export path with a few clicks. The email, saved as a new template, will appear in your account instantly.

Free email templates for Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot)

Save time, ignite creativity! Create top-notch, brand-aligned emails and landing pages with ease. Pick from 1,700+ high-quality email and page templates. Drag, drop, tailor to your liking. Convert email to landing page or vice versa in a click. It's a breeze!

Beefree email templates for higher education and human resources
illustration of Style Guidelines inside of Beefree builder

Limitless design options, consistent branding

Unleash your creativity with Beefree's easy-to-use builder; no HTML necessary. Alter text, colors, and more. Add personal touches like images, videos, polls. Maintain brand consistency with custom icons, color schemes, and fonts through Beefree's paid plans.

Effortlessly collaborate with your team

With Beefree, collaborate seamlessly by designing, writing, and gathering content-specific feedback in a single app. Add comments to specific elements and tag colleagues or clients for change notifications.

PRO Tip: Optimize your email creation workflow with a Beefree paid plan. Assign distinct roles to empower your team and enhance your email creation workflow.

Boost your email campaigns with Beefree
and Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot)

Drag and drop editor

Drag and drop content quickly using Beefree's easy-to-use builder.

Save time with AI

Save time on email production with AI and reusable content.

Collaborate, comment, review and approve

Collaborate, comment, review and approve all in one place.

Optimize emails for mobile with Mobile Design Mode.

Export effortlessly to Account Engagement (Pardot).

Leverage capabilities

Leverage Account Engagement’s advanced automation capabilities.