Beefree for Agencies

One central hub for email marketing for agencies

An all-in-one email and page design suite for seamless collaboration between teams and clients, unlocking design creativity, and ensuring smooth sends across platforms.

Discover what fellow agencies are saying

"Beefree has allowed us to be more creative with less headache. It just kind of flowed and made sense. It made it a whole lot easier to work the process."

Tori Zamrik

Product Manager, Hyport Digital

"Working with multiple AE's and their teams, Beefree has made collaborating a breeze. A simple and effective message sent through Slack is enough to churn out a beautiful email with the templates we've already created and saved in Beefree."

Senior Account Executive

Marketing Strategist, Mid-Size Agency

"A platform that allows you to design beautiful branded emails with ease and export to your existing email delivery platform. "

Vice President, Marketing

Large Agency

"As graphic designers, Beefree is a great WYSIWYG builder that we can extend our other designs (i.e. flyers, socials, blogs) into email design. "

Art Director

Small Agency

"Beefree helped us develop emails that are creative, polished, and don't feel like just another corporate email.”

Director of Strategic
Communication and Creative Services



of users experienced faster email creation


of users found exporting designs to be effortless


of Beefree users increased their CTR by 11% or more


of users had a payback period of 3 months or less
*Survey conducted by UserEvidence

Speed up your email creation turnaround time with an intuitive email builder

From ideation to final output, Beefree enhances your design flow. With over 1,500 email and page templates, ignite your creativity and bring your clients' visions to life in less time.

Limitless design possibilities

Starting from scratch or tweaking a design? With intuitive templates and flexible content blocks, our builder empowers you to quickly realize your vision.

Meet your new AI sidekick

Need copy that takes your clients' email to the next level? Our in-app AI Copy Assistant is here to help. From correcting grammatical errors to suggesting ideas for more engaging messaging.

Maximize Agency teamwork

Boost collaboration and productivity with Beefree's powerful features. Whether your team is big, small, near, or far, our design suite ensures seamless communication, melding expertise and ideas instantly.

Agency-tailored user roles & permissions

Empower your agency with granular access control. Assign roles such as administrators, editors, or viewers to simplify project management. Beefree helps safeguard sensitive data and ensures alignment with your agency's unique needs.

Built-in approval workflow for your team and clients

Our "Review for Approval" feature streamlines feedback, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple tools. Plus, for clients who are reluctant to log into Beefree, you can easily export designs to PDF for swift approvals.

Real-time collaboration for Agencies

Minimize back-and-forth via email with real-time editing and design-specific commenting. With Beefree, aligning teams and clients becomes effortless. Enterprise plan only.

Keep clients' designs organized and on-brand.

Navigate multiple clients and campaigns with ease. With Beefree, organize and store all client assets and designs in one centralized workspace for easy access.

Beefree: Your hub for client brand consistency

Set up unique workspaces for every client and embed their distinct brand elements —from colors to logos—for quick campaign creation. Use Synced Rows to synchronize headers, footers, and more across all designs for fast updates.

Harmonious integration with your client’s sending platforms 

Enjoy smooth management of clients across various CRMs and ESPs. Beefree’s platform-agnostic nature provides the flexibility to work with any ESP your clients use, ensuring a seamless email design experience across all sending platforms.

From responsive designs to landing page mastery

Responsive designs that look great on both mobile and desktop

Put compatibility concerns to rest. With Beefree, we ensure your clients' messages are delivered perfectly across email clients and various devices every time.

From an email to a full campaign, in minutes.

Take your client’s email campaigns a step further and turn emails into engaging landing pages, crafting fully cohesive and on-brande digital campaigns with in minutes.