Hyport Digital

Streamlining success: Hyport Digital's journey with Beefree for efficient email design

Hyport Digital, a digital agency within The N2 company, specializes in crafting captivating digital experiences that exceed client expectations. They are helping local businesses succeed in the digital world.

Hyport Digital

Hyport Digital, a digital agency within The N2 Company, specializes in crafting captivating digital experiences that exceed client expectations. They are helping local businesses succeed in the digital world. 

They offer a wide range of services, including email marketing, website design, SEO, SEM, mobile and display advertising, and social media for many small businesses.

The email challenge most agencies know all too well

Every agency has been there: a passionate team with standout designers like Jeffrey Vossler and methodical product managers such as Tori Zamrik. Writers who craft compelling narratives and Client Service Managers who ensure those narratives align with clients. However, the road can get bumpy when creating those pivotal client emails.

Agencies need a solution that simplifies collaboration reduces design complexity and doesn't demand intricate coding knowledge. Moreover, in an age of multiple platforms, this solution must effortlessly integrate into various client ecosystems.

Hyport’s path to a streamlined solution

While Jeffrey initially explored using Photoshop and even considered the daunting task of learning coding, the growing needs of the agency meant they had to find a more scalable tool.

This led them to discover Beefree.

Beefree offered the right balance of ease and functionality. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the days of painstaking coding became history. Features like interactive proofs for client feedback and efficient collaboration tools made Beefree the perfect fit for Hyport.

The tangible benefits of Beefree

Elevated efficiency

Jeffrey found that the time spent on designing an email was significantly reduced—from countless hours to a mere three. This allowed him to channel more energy into the creative aspects of design.

Collaboration made simple

Direct commenting within the design process ensured that feedback was precise and collaboration was straightforward.

Client-centric approach

The feedback from Hyport's clients on the interactive PDF proofs was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the opportunity to interact with emails before their official launch.

Results-driven emails

Beefree didn’t just simplify the process. It also ensured that Hyport's emails consistently hit their performance metrics.

Voices from the team

"Beefree has refined our email design process. Transitioning from traditional design methods to Beefree has enabled greater creative freedom without the hindrance of intricate coding."

Tori Zamrik

Product Manager, Hyport Digital

"With Beefree, I can finalize an email design, even with tailored graphics, in just about three hours. It's a testament to the platform's efficiency."

Jeffrey Vossler

Designer, Hyport Digital

"Clients appreciate the interactive PDFs. Being able to engage with links in real-time, without the pressure of going live, has been a valuable feature."

Tori Zamrik

Product Manager, Hyport Digital

"Moving to Beefree has been a subtle yet impactful shift. We now craft emails that are both aesthetically pleasing and hit the mark with our client's objectives."

Tori Zamrik

Product Manager, Hyport Digital

Insights for agencies

Hyport Digital's experience with Beefree is a testament to agencies considering a shift in their email design process. Jeffrey's move from conventional to digital design was smooth, thanks to Beefree's user-friendly interface. Features like dynamic imagery and display settings paved the way for creative freedom without the cumbersome HTML work.

The Hyport design team readily took to Beefree's capabilities, with clients appreciating the interactive PDFs and downloadable proofs.

Beefree Rebranding webinar

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