How a small business uses Beefree for Human Resource communications

Learn how ricky3sticks, a small team of three, uses Beefree to help HR teams with email marketing efforts.


This HR communications consultancy helps “bring strategy to life” by developing creative solutions to solve internal problems in communications. For HR teams, email has been the most effective way to communicate with recruits and employees. As the needs of email marketing change, Ricky3Sticks ensures that they are creating multi-content campaigns that helps meet the unique goals of those they serve.

"Beefree helped us develop emails that are creative, polished, and don't feel like just another corporate email.

Kara Amore , Director of Strategic Communication and Creative Services


Kara Amore is the Director of Strategic Communication and Creative Services over at Ricky3Sticks. As a small business, she shares a wide range of responsibilities, from designing and editing to implementing different forms of communication for HR clients.

Ricky3Sticks works with small teams whose HR departments don’t have the capacity to take on additional tasks beyond their day-to-day. Unlike large marketing teams, they also don’t have the internal tools or resources available to support them. This is where Ricky3Sticks comes in. They assist small HR teams with special projects, including monthly newsletters, landing pages, and campaigns for employee engagement.

With the rise of remote work, email has become one of the most effective ways to communicate with potential recruits and employees. A big concern for HR teams is creating mobile responsive content that is on-brand and engaging enough that recipients want to read.

Amore acknowledges that times are changing. She understands the importance of not looking or sounding like “just another corporate email.” To keep up with the industry, they began their search for a tool that allowed them to elevate their offerings to provide a level of sophistication and personalization in design, branding, and messaging. As well as a tool that allowed them to create mobile-responsive emails and pages quickly and easily.  


Before implementing Beefree, Amore shared that Ricky3Sticks services only involved email copywriting.  With Beefree, they have expanded their offerings to provide email and landing page design and development, without the need to bring a designer to the team. Beefree’s drag-and-drop editor allows small teams to easily and quickly design professional, branded, and engaging multi-content campaigns.

The ultimate deciding factor for Amore was how easy it is to export emails and landing pages into their clients’ ESP. With other tools, Amore noticed a need for their clients to get subscriptions, learn the new tool, and share credentials. This often results in a loss of time, productivity, and a change in workflows that HR teams are not always keen on.  Beefree makes it easy to export using HTML, create a PDF, or push to ESP with a few clicks without altering their client’s workflows.


Design Personalization

Start from scratch or use one of Beefree 1,500+ easy-to-customize email templates. The design flexibility of Beefree has helped Amore “develop emails that are creative, polished, and don't feel like just another corporate email."

Responsive Mobile Design

Amore shared that one of the most essential aspects of email marketing today is that communications are optimized for mobile users. Beefree’s mobile design feature ensures that every email or landing page is rendered correctly on all devices and email clients.

No Additional Hired Required

Beefree’s easy-to-use editor has made it possible for Ricky3Sticks to expand their services without expanding their team or hiring freelancers. This is because, in Amore's words, with Beefree “what used to take a day and a half to design now only takes a couple of hours.”

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