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How full-service agency Madison Taylor Marketing cut down email development time by 66%

Madison Taylor Marketing is a full-service agency that uses Beefree to achieve seamless integration into its clients' various email platforms.

Led by CEO and founder Aimee Meester, Madison Taylor Marketing is a full-service agency based in Denver, Colorado, known for its relentless commitment to client success. This dedication forms the heartbeat of their operations, propelling the agency to adopt innovative tools to deliver high-quality services.

Empowering client success through design 

Madison Taylor Marketing collaborated with a B2B client in the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) space, employing integrated marketing strategies that perfectly balanced creative vision with a scientifically-driven approach.

At the start of the relationship, conversations with their senior sales and marketing leadership revealed that email campaigns built by the client weren't performing, leading to the idea that email marketing was a bad opportunity moving forward.

The team at Madison Taylor Marketing discovered that the client's out-of-date email designs were leading to a steep drop in open rates, engagement rates, and, even worse, unsubscribers—every marketer's nightmare.

"Beefree has cut down our time in email development by 66% compared to building emails directly in an ESP, such as Mailchimp."

Aimee Meester, Founder and CEO, Madison Taylor Marketing

Fast-forward to the engagement kick-off, Cassie Reiner, a creative specialist for the agency, had the idea to adopt Beefree, an all-in-one tool known for its sleek designs, seamless integration with CRMs and sending platforms, mobile editing capabilities, and ease of managing multiple client accounts. Aimee Meester was always looking for a way to set their clients up for success and was intrigued. Could Beefree be the magic wand to wave away their design dilemmas and testing troubles? They decided to find out.

The outcome was remarkable: a $2 million purchase order converted from what sales had previously deemed a 'cold lead.' The marketing ROI on the one email alone was immeasurable. Open rates increased by over 20%, engagement rates by 31%, and best of all, the subscribers fell under a healthy .1%. All are driven by the creative firepower of Beefree.

Powering Madison Taylor’s email workflow

Beefree has become a cornerstone at Madison Taylor Marketing. Aimee stated: "With Beefree, our team creates engaging, high-performing emails and landing pages with ease." It's more than a tool; it's their secret weapon for engaging, personalized content. The result? More creativity, better efficiency." It has cut down time in email development by 66% ", Aimee said. Beefree hasn't just joined their workflow – it's supercharged it! Aimee goes on to say, “Beefree has increased our agency's clients' satisfaction in their email marketing by over 17%".

"Beefree has given our team a seamless integration into our clients' various email platforms without the need for additional support. The ability to not need to be trained in multiple email design software has given us the chance to upskill by leveraging the one."

Cassie Reiner, Creative Specialist, Madison Taylor Marketing

Results: Beefree's game-changing impact

Since embracing Beefree, Madison Taylor Marketing's work has turned around:

  • Improved efficiency: The team rapidly tests various email designs within client scopes, leading to increased performance and client satisfaction.
  • Easy collaboration: Beefree's collaboration tools facilitate a smoother design process, enabling multiple stakeholders to contribute effectively.
  • Mobile optimization: The mobile version editing feature drastically cuts down design time, ensuring seamless adaptability across desktop and mobile interfaces.
  • CRM integration: Beefree's integration with CRM systems like Mailchimp and HubSpot simplified workflows, making Madison Taylor Marketing's processes more efficient and client-friendly.
  • Greater design flexibility: Beefree empowered the team to create visually appealing, functionally superior emails and landing pages.
  • Testing abilities: For Madison Taylor Marketing, the ability to quickly test multiple email versions is crucial. Beefree has been instrumental in this process, enabling the team to create and evaluate different email campaign iterations efficiently.

Voices from the team

"Beefree has provided me with the creative freedom to elevate our client's deliverables with their advanced creative tools."

Richard Hope

Marketing Specialist, Madison Taylor Marketing

“Beefree has increased our agency's clients' satisfaction by 17% (in relation to email marketing design and development)."

Aimee Meester

Founder and CEO, Madison Taylor Marketing

"Beefree has not only given me the chance to be free of the outdated product that is Mailchimp, but I enjoy the email development process 10X more than before."

Richard Hope

Marketing Specialist, Madison Taylor Marketing

Elevate your agency’s email marketing

Madison Taylor Marketing Agency's journey with Beefree showcases the power of an email-building solution that goes beyond design. If you're a marketing agency looking to enhance your email marketing strategy, consider Beefree. Join the ranks of agencies like Madison Taylor Marketing, delivering more and achieving outstanding results.

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