Centralized design management and organized workspaces

Store designs and assets in one centralized location for easy retrieval

Keep teams organized using folders and dedicated workspaces

Make on-brand and high-quality reusable content easily accessible to all teammates

Centralized design management and organized workspaces

Streamlining design management
and workflows

Beefree transforms workflow by centralizing designs and assets in a single, accessible location, thereby reducing search times and enhancing efficiency.
"Saving rows and organizing emails by category is a game-changer for everyone on the team."

Mott & Chace SIR
Director of Marketing

Owner/OMott & Chace
Sotheby's International Realtyperator, Ray White

"Beefree's email folder organization has helped us to increase engagement."

Head of retention


"Beefree's benefits include easy row-based templates, global rows, and a user-friendly image library."

Executive Director
of Enrollment Marketing

Medium Enterprise
Education Services Company

Strengthen and maintain your brand with email design systems

Beefree simplifies email design and boosts productivity. With our wide range of templates, modules, and Advanced Style Kit feature, creating emails and landing pages that leave a lasting impression has never been easier!

Project folders

Organize your emails and pages into project folders based on different campaigns, clients, or teams. This structure facilitates easy navigation and enables swift retrieval of specific designs.

Digital Asset Manager

Utilize the File Manager within Beefree to handle your digital assets efficiently. You can upload, categorize, and find images and logos all from a single, centralized location.

User roles and permissions

Establish roles such as administrators, editors, and viewers to effectively regulate access levels, ensuring that only authorized team members can edit or access designs, reusable content, and crucial options.

Beefree is a fast, collaborative email & landing page design suite

Beefree slashes email and landing page production time while preserving design freedom and brand consistency. Turn ideas into responsive emails and pages in mere hours.

Beefree email editor

Simplify your content creation with reusable content

Beefree streamlines content organization with reusable Templates and Saved Rows, enabling faster, more efficient creation and giving you more time for what matters most.


Templates: Effortless design foundations

Templates provide a ready-to-use foundation, making it easy to maintain brand consistency across all your projects. With customizable options and an organized library, finding the perfect template is simple and efficient.

Reusable contents, saved rows

Saved Rows: Streamline Content Consistency

Saved Rows enhance your workflow by allowing you to reuse content blocks across different designs. Opt for Synced Rows to automatically update content everywhere it's used, saving time and ensuring uniformity.