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Improve Your Life Sciences Email
Performance with Veeva + Beefree

Within the life sciences, email marketing doesn’t just have to make an impression on recipients. You need to balance compelling content with compliance to avoid costly fines and legal issues, and while that’s not an easy feat, it can be easier than you think with the right tools in your corner.

Veeva Vault and Beefree are a match made in heaven, merging Beefree’s well-designed email templates with Veeva Vault’s eye for regulatory compliance.

Choosing the right Veeva template

Beefree’s abundant email template catalog has over 1300 templates to choose from that are smoothly compatible with Veeva Vault. With templates for nearly every use case and audience in the life sciences realm, Beefree is sure to have the right fit that you can customize to perfection. Use these tips to choose your template:

Get immediate audience appeal with the industry filter. The Beefee catalog lets you select your industry so you can immediately see templates that are designed for your corner of the life sciences field, whether it’s healthcare and clinical settings, non profit, education, life sciences technology, or others. These templates are pre-designed to resonate with the types of audiences you’re reaching.

Choose a brand-aligned template. All Beefree templates are fully customizable, so you don’t need to choose a template that already uses on-brand colors. It helps, though, to choose a template that has a general look and feel that suits your brand. For example, you could choose a template that looks upbeat and approachable, one that’s modern and technology-focused, or one that’s simple and streamlined.

Look for purpose-aligned templates. Think about your goal for your email campaign and what the purpose is. Are you announcing an event? Taking a survey? Launching a new product? Sharing the latest in a newsletter? All of these call for different structures and themes in your email design. With the Usage filter above, you can narrow your selection to the emails that are made for your distinct purpose.

Benefits of Veeva + Beefree

In life sciences, when the right compounds come together, magic happens. That’s also true when you get the right tools together for your email marketing: Veeva Vault and Beefree. In fact, there are several reasons why these two make the perfect pair.

Balancing Design with Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a critical priority for every organization in the life sciences, and it should be - not only does it affect safety and privacy but it can cost up to $3 billion in penalties and associated expenses. But compliant emails can still be engaging and exciting! Beefree and Veeva Vault are the ideal combination: Beefree has attractive, user-friendly designs while Veeva Vault takes care of the compliance essentials so your campaigns can have it all.

Smooth Integration

Email marketing and messaging don’t have to be time-consuming if you have the right tools at work. With Beefree and Veeva Vault, you won’t be spending hours trying to get the tech to cooperate with what you need. These tools integrate easily so you can send your designs from the Beefree email builder to Veeva Vault’s content management system within seconds.

Targeted Customization

In the life sciences, you’re likely to be targeting very specific audiences with your email campaigns - physicians, researchers, academics, and so on. Beefree and Veeva Vault have robust customization options that allow you to make sure every email speaks to its intended audience. You can craft content quickly and easily, especially using Beefree’s cutting-edge AI assistant, that is personalized to your audience.

Easy Approval Tracking

It’s essential to make sure everyone is on board with your latest email campaign before it goes out to audiences, and that can be a simple process with Beefree and Veeva Vault. Simply design your email or customize your template in Beefree, then send it to your Veeva Vault account where you can easily send it to internal decision-makers for approval and track their approval on the platform.

How to export your template into Veeva Vault

Get more time back in your day by taking advantage of the quick and easy integration between Beefree and Veeva Vault. Just a few clicks will send your well-crafted email directly to Veeva Vault so you can verify its compliance and approval before sending it to your audience. Here’s how:

  1. In Beefree, get to the Details page for the email you want to send. If you’re in the email editor, simply click Exit to see the Details page.
  2. Click Export and select Push to Your Sending System. Choose Veeva Vault as your sending system.
  3. Connect your Veeva Vault account to your Beefree account by entering your Veeva Vault URL, email, and password, then clicking Connect. You’ll only have to do this the first time you connect your Veeva Vault to Beefree.
  4. Fill in the fields requested, such as the name, subject, and “from” email address, as well as any other fields your organization has chosen to make mandatory. Then, click Create.
  5. Click the link to go to your Veeva Vault page. This opens your email directly in Veeva Vault so you can complete the final steps for approval and sending.

That’s all it takes to get your expertly designed and customized Beefree emails into your Veeva Vault system.