Email templates for Braze

Choose from one of our free Braze html email templates that aligns with your marketing goals. Customize it to match your brand's aesthetic and seamlessly export your tailored template into your Braze account.

Increase Performance and
Decrease Production Time with Braze

For over 2,000 brands and counting, Braze is the ultimate go-to marketing tool, serving as a unified platform for managing campaigns and data across numerous channels.

Having a singular source for your marketing is an excellent way to keep your campaigns organized and have a bird’s eye view of your marketing strategy. Beefree can make it even better with specialized email templates that are designed to integrate seamlessly into your Braze platform.

Choosing the Right Braze Template

With over 1300 Braze email templates to choose from, how do you select the perfect one for your next campaign? Follow these tips to explore and narrow your options:

Take advantage of automation templates: Braze is known for its stellar marketing automation. If you’re designing an email for an automated process, like order confirmations or abandoned cart emails, filter the templates by automation to see emails that are designed for your purpose.

Choose an industry-specific template: Even with a template, email creation can be time-consuming if you need to find appropriate images and swap them with the images in the template. Filter our Braze email templates by industry to find templates that already have images and content that are suited to your industry.

Take your content into account: What type of content will your email share? Are you creating a newsletter that will have several sections and stories? Or do you want a product-centered email, like an email that announces a new product or shows off sale items to entice readers to shop? There are email templates designed around all of these content types and more, so choose one that already has a structure that makes sense for your campaign.

These tips can help you narrow your selection to the best templates for your email objectives and your audience. Remember, though, that they’re all highly customizable so you can adjust them however you need.

Benefits of Braze + Beefree

For email marketing that’s effective, manageable, and adaptable to fit every purpose you may need, Braze and Beefree make an excellent team. What advantages can you enjoy with this outstanding combo?

Customization and Personalization

No email is one-size-fits-all. You want every email you send to be on-brand and also personalized to your audience. That’s the beauty of the Braze + Beefree combo: you get Beefree’s highly customizable email editor that allows you to make every email uniquely you along with Braze’s automation and personalization features. It’s the perfect way to maximize impact with every campaign.

Beefree makes template customization smooth and easy. Simply choose your favorite template and click “edit.” This takes you to our advanced email editor where you can adjust every detail - change the color scheme to match your brand colors, drop in your pre-stored brand assets, move around components and content modules or add and remove them, it’s all at your fingertips. You can incorporate dynamic content as well like name fields and more so Braze can merge your email subscribers’ data and make each email personalized.


Responsive design is essential for emails today, ensuring that your email design has the intended look and impact no matter what screen your readers use. Beefree’s email templates are already designed to be responsive, so you don’t need to lift a finger to make sure your emails are using this best practice.

AI Content Generation

Beefree doesn’t just make email design a snap…it makes email content easy too. Beefree’s AI assistant can help you generate exciting, on-brand content for your emails, and you can adjust this content in any way you choose as well. Between the automated features of Braze and the AI and design capabilities of Beefree, your email marketing is about to become more efficient than ever before.

How to export your template into Braze

Collaborating with Braze and Beefree doesn’t just make it easy to create powerful marketing emails; it makes it easy to deliver them too. It’s this simple:

  1. Go to the Details view of the email you’ve designed and are ready to send (when you’re in the email builder, just click Exit to see the Details view).
  2. Click Export in the top right corner.
  3. Click Push to Your Sending System and choose Braze as your sending system.
  4. Link your Braze account in Beefree by inputting your account name, API key, and URL, then clicking Connect. You’ll only have to do this the first time.
  5. Click Create to send your email to Braze. You’ll then click Go to Braze to open Braze where you can finalize your email to send it out. You’ll find the email in your Braze account under Saved HTML Email Templates.

That’s it - just a few clicks and you’ll have a customized, premium email on your way to grow your brand, spark new revenue, advertise an event, or whatever your goal may be.