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Valentine’s Day email template builder

Email Templates For Valentine’s Day

Choose one of our Valentine’s Day templates, and use BEE’s drag-and-drop interface to create the structure and layout of your email. BEE’s preview feature also makes it simple to see how your message will look when viewed on different devices. All of BEE’s HTML email templates are responsive and optimized for mobile viewing.

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Valentine's Day is a chance to celebrate love and connection — and for businesses, it's a chance to boost sales and audience engagement. Spending is always high on the most romantic holiday of the year, with consumers setting new records every February. That's why it's time for you to come up with Valentine's Day email ideas that will make your customers feel the love. Need a little help? Let us get you started with these tips — and then you can start designing with our Valentine's Day email templates.

Valentine's Day Email Design

Lovingly Craft Your Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

One-third of email recipients open emails based on the subject line, so make sure yours is catchy enough to win over your readers. Use your Valentine's Day email subject lines to advertise what's inside the email, whether that's a discount, a coupon or a free gift. And don't be afraid to add a few red and pink emojis to grab the eye.

Send Your Readers A Gift

Try offering your customers a free gift in your Valentine's Day email. People love free gifts and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express your appreciation for your customers. You can give out a gift with purchase or offer another perk such as free shipping.

Be Consistent with Branding

It's fun to add red and pink design elements, like hearts or Cupid-esque arrows, to your Valentine's Day email backgrounds. Just don't get so busy adding festive touches that you lose sight of your brand identity.

The best Valentine's Day emails are still clearly branded. Even out of context, it should be easy to tell that your Valentine's Day email came from you. Build off of your typical branding strategy and then add special Valentine's touches from there instead of the other way around.

Using Valentine's Day Email Templates in the BEE Email Editor

Do you have Valentine's Day email marketing ideas in mind? You can bring them to life in the BEE email editor, a free online tool that helps you build beautiful emails fast. BEE's email editor utilizes a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to arrange your email just how you want it. Upload photos, type directly onto CTA buttons and much more using the simple and intuitive features of the editor.

For even more email design features, you can upgrade to BEE Pro. The premium version of the BEE editor, BEE Pro helps you create a better email design workflow through team collaboration features and other helpful additions.

The BEE editor makes it easy to start from scratch. But if you're short on time or ideas, you don't have to: Our hundreds of HTML email templates make email design easier than ever. Our Valentine's Day email templates are appropriate whether you're sending a Valentine's Day email to employees, customers or another segment altogether. This St. Valentine's Day email template designed by the BEE Team uses a simple two-column design to help customers fall in love with your deals. Or try the Restaurant Discount template from Andrea Dall'Ara — it's a fun way for food and beverage companies to celebrate the holiday.

Use BEE's Valentine's Day email templates to show your customers some love this Valentine's Day!

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