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Melissa Hickman

Email Marketer in Boulder, Colorado
Hi! My name is Melissa Hickman. I'm an industrial & organizational psychologist, with several years of digital marketing experience. I focus on UX & ae

Galina Grahovska

UI/UX Designer in Bulgaria
I have gained experience and skills in communications and organization of the work while I was hired in E.Miroglio EAD. I’ve also got excellent Frenc

Catia Resende

Digital Designer in Portugal
I partner with business owners and ambitious brands to deliver digital experiences that spark emotion and inspire action through strategic design solut

Jen Schmaltz

Graphic Designer in Thorold, Canada
Graphic Design is at the heart of my story, but I’ve been known to write myself a new part now and again… happily and frequently embracing such rol

Daniel Llamas Soto

Creative Director in Barcelona, Spain
I am a creative multidisciplinary person, with a broad vision in the world of design and communication. All of this, thanks to extensive experience i

Jesús Albusac

Graphic designer in Ciudad Real, Spain

Snehal Shah

Email Geek in Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am the Head of Email Marketing at QeInbox, one of the fastest-growing email agency. I help firms to design trendy and glitch-free emails. I love gadg

Navid Nosrati

in Espoo, Finland
I’m an artisan user interface designer and front-end developer. I'm passionate about data visualization, user experience design and analytics interfa

Leotrina Stojkaj

UI/UX Designer in Kosovo
Hi, I’m Leotrina a UI/UX Designer based in Kosovo, I am a designer with a lot of passion for digital art. My goal is to create thoughtful designs tha

Yorbi Barriento

Product Designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
I'm a Product Designer passionate about creating meaningful, relevant and inclusive solutions for people.

Karol Gackowski

Senior Digital Designer in London, England
I am a Polish senior digital designer and email developer based in London UK. I am fully focused on creating beautiful, functional, and bulletproof ema

BEE Team

Create beautiful emails. Fast. in San Francisco, USA
BEE stands for "Best Email Editor". That's the ambitious goal that we set for this project. Made with lots of passion between San Francisco and Italy,

Gaia Zuccaro

Ui Designer with a passion for Ux. in Rome, Italy
I am a graphic and web designer, as well as UX designer. I am a font fetishist, and I am obsessed with every kind of human-machine interaction. I love

Giulia Usberti Fellini

Digital Art Director in Milan, Italy
I design, create layouts, videos and animations. I have been working in the world of communication since 2012. I believe that feeding on cinema, music,

Luana Liguori

Graphic Designer e Web Designer in Boscoreale, Italy
Correct, patient, precise, cheerful and proactive. Excellent communication and relationship skills with people and groups of people. Strong sense of te

Matteo Della Chiesa

Independent UI & Web Designer. in New York, USA
I've started to use Photoshop when I was 13. From 2009 to 2014, I've been a part of 5 Art Groups, doing Illustrations and Photo-manipulations, collabor

Regina Tagirova

in Saint Petersburg, Russia
I spend my days crafting gorgeous graphics. I work mainly with small local businesses. I’ve just spent 2 years living in Sweden. I moved back to Russ

Nore Potera

Graphic Designer in Kosovo
A creative, open-minded and passionate graphic designer with a strong sense of dedication and commitment.

Derek Brumby

Graphic Designer for Natural Food Brands in Chicago, USA
I am a Chicago-based graphic designer. I specialize in working with natural brands. I can work with you remotely or in-person as your creative partner

Andrea Dall'Ara

Visual Designer in Milan, Italy
My name is Andrea Dall'Ara and I'm a freelancer digital graphic designer. I'm focused on UI design for websites, emails and applications, logo and ico

Sofia Lesquerre

I'm a print and type fanatic obsessed with communication and brand identity. I also enjoy a lot doing UX/UI design. Open for freelance work, let's chat

Darius Kosanin

Web Designer & Developer in Novi Sad, Serbia
My name is Darko Kosanin. I like to turn ideas into something visible. I feel great pleasure when I create something new, using various shapes and comb

Manuela Langella

in Naples, Italy
Hi! I’m Manuela Langella and I’m a Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator. I started working in 2003 in the field of Web & Graphic Design, I have

Saurabh kumar

Website developer in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Hello, my name is Saurabh, and I’m a wordpress designer & developer. I worked for high-profile creative studios & companies like Angel Broking, Hyper

Renato Orlandini Santos

Corporate Communication Strategist in São Paulo, Brazil
I believe in the role of design as a facilitating agent that works in the exchange of experience between people, brands and companies. I am deeply pass

Veronica Medina

UX/UI Designer in Phoenix, AZ, USA
UX/UI Designer with great creativity and artistic talent delivering high-impact design experiences, marketing solutions and digital projects. Exception

Yuliana Pandelieva

Graphic Designer in Southampton, UK
Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2014, I've been involved in creating everything from brand communications to specialist packaging projects

Grace Carlson

Email Marketing Specialist in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Hi, my name is Gracen Carlson. I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Business Administration, Marketing. (Dec 2019). Iowa nati

Kristina Bazaeva

Web Designer and front-end developer in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
I am Kristina, a web designer and front-end developer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Allison Valenzuela

Graphic Designer in Davenport, Iowa, USA
My name is Allison Valenzuela, I'm a Midwest based graphic designer. Born and raised in Davenport, Iowa and currently living in Moline. I graduated fro

Oksana Barsukova

Graphic Designer in Pasadena, CA, USA
a Russian-born graphic designer based in Pasadena, California.

Hector Titus Ruiz

in Tenerife, Spain
I am Héctor "Titus" Ruiz, a Peruvian designer based in the Canary Islands. I specialize in Brand Identity Strategy and Design. I help companies build

Betina Todorova

Graphic Designer in Bristol, UK
Hi! My name is Betina Todorova... hard to pronounce? Stick with Beti. 🙂 I’m a UK based graphic designer located in Bristol but I work with brands

Martin Nikolchev

Web Designer in Bulgaria
Hi! My name is Martin. I’m a web / user interface designer located in Bulgaria, Europe. Since the past 10 years I’ve worked on a variety of project