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“With Beefree, we have had an increase in open rates, better email designs on mobile, and more overall engagement with our audiences.”

José Escalante Góngora,


“Beefree has significantly improved our ability to create complex and compliant client documents faster. Previously, our emails were amateurish, verbose, and lacked consistent branding”

Ben Atwill,

Ray White

Experience a streamlined design process that enhances productivity

the workspace feature in Beefree

Improve organization with multiple workspaces

Set up unique areas for various teams, clients, or brands—no design mix-ups. Easy-to-use folders for swift design transfers, keeping your workspace organized and productive.

Advanced style kit in Beefree

Empower your brand with control and consistency

Supercharge content creation, maintain brand consistency with seamless collaboration. Set up accessible styles and templates for efficient, aligned email creation.

Multiple users collaborating inside of the Beefree editor

Boost efficiency with approval workflow

Embrace collaboration with approval workflows and real-time co-editing for emails and landing pages. Enjoy boosted productivity, alignment, and peace of mind for remarkable outcomes.