About BEE

BEE stands for Best Email Editor. That’s an ambitious goal, we know. More on that below.

BEE also stands for Beautiful Elegant Emails, because that’s sort of our mission: create tools to help people design beautiful emails that display elegantly everywhere (i.e. they don’t break in certain email clients, or look unreadable on a mobile device).

The BEE story

The Best Email Editor. An ambitious goal indeed. But – hey – you’ve got to shoot for the stars, right?

We started on this journey a couple of years ago. See, at MailUp, our parent company, we had decided to build a new, drag-&-drop email editor for our email marketing suite. It took a long time to build something we were satisfied with. In fact, we rewrote it twice!

And then, one day, we realized it had turned out nice. Really nice.

So we took it “out” of MailUp and turned into a stand-alone product.

To see what people thought about it – and what they wanted to do with it – we made it available as a free tool right here on beefree.io.

Luckily, many people liked it. In fact, hundreds of thousands of them kept coming back, providing fantastic feedback, and pushing us to make that ambitious goal closer to reality, building one of the very best email editors around.

Email designers started asking us to turn beefree.io into a more robust suite of email design tools, so we started working on BEE Pro.

Developers and product managers began asking us to turn the editor into an embeddable email builder that they could use in their applications. So we created BEE Plugin.

And over 1,000,000 visited and keep returning to beefree.io.

That’s our story so far. Have fun, and share your thoughts!

Want to know more?

Read the original BEE Free announcement and the BEE v2 & BEE Plugin announcement on the MailUp blog

About the Editor

BEE makes it easy and quick to create a great-looking email message that can be used to send a company newsletter, announce a new product, promote a sale, etc. Among its benefits:

  • It’s free to use on beefree.io: you don’t even need to create an account of any kind.
  • It features a drag-and-drop interface that enables anyone to create really nice emails.
  • It creates messages that adapt automatically to small screens, such as that of a smartphone.
  • From stock photography search to support for background images, it has tons of cool features.
  • Once the message has been created, you can be preview, test, and download it (so that you can send it with your favorite email program).

What you can do with BEE at beefree.io

You can use BEE at beefree.io to create an email message using its innovative, easy-to-use features. You can then preview the message to see how it will likely look in your email client, send a test to yourself, and download the HTML source code so that you can use it in another application.

What you cannot do with BEE

You can’t use beefree.io to send spam, post inappropriate content, or violate any of the terms mentioned in its Terms of Use.

About the Mailup Group

BEE is part of the MailUp Group, a portfolio of companies that offer digital marketing solutions to 14,000+ customers in over 50 countries. At the core of the Group is MailUp, an email marketing platform that thousands of businesses around the world use to send & track email and SMS campaigns, send transactional messages, and build automation workflows. Of course, the MailUp marketing platform uses the BEE editor for email message creation. And mobile-ready landing pages too!