Scaling email creation: how SaaStr generates 350 emails per year for its growing SaaS Community

“Prior to using BEE Pro, creating a single email would take me hours. Now, I can design five emails in the same duration with ease. It’s an amazing improvement - five times faster than before.”

Amelia Ibarra, General Manager, SaaStr

SaaStr is a thriving global community of software-as-a-service (SaaS) enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and pros. 

It provides resources, insights, and networking opportunities to help SaaS businesses scale and succeed through events, webinars, podcasts, and a content-rich blog. SaaStr fosters knowledge-sharing and collaboration, accelerating SaaS industry growth and innovation.


Amelia Ibarra, with over 12 years of experience in devising innovative marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C businesses, specializes in email marketing. Her expertise has driven growth for SaaStr through groundbreaking campaigns.

Amelia and her team at SaaStr, a no-code team with restricted access to designers, faced challenges in creating various email content, including newsletters, ticket emails, and attendee emails, tailored to different customer journey stages.

Disappointed with their sending platform's cumbersome email builder, Amelia's team sought a flexible solution to create brand-aligned emails while efficiently managing time and resources. Being a small team, finding a tool that would boost engagement and conversions while delivering high-quality emails was crucial.


The marketing team sought intuitive tools that enabled a quick start. They chose BEE Pro, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that satisfied their requirements.

With BEE Pro, the team efficiently created and managed all their emails. They used folders to organize campaigns, facilitating easy access to past projects for inspiration.

Inspired by BEE Pro's template catalog, the team crafted and customized their templates to match SaaStr's branding, accelerating content creation. They also found the saved rows feature valuable for recurring emails, like newsletters.

BEE Pro's version control feature ensured no changes were lost, empowering the team to produce high-quality, engaging, and conversion-driving emails.


Productivity: 5X Faster

BEE Pro has significantly improved the productivity and efficiency of SaaStr's marketing team in managing their email marketing efforts. Previously, they spent hours crafting emails, but BEE Pro has made them five times faster at completing email tasks. This time-saving tool allows the team to concentrate on other aspects of their marketing strategy.

Consistent Branding:

SaaStr's marketing team easily managed their brand styles using BEE Pro's Style settings feature. This made it simple to maintain consistency in fonts, sizing, assets, and colors, ensuring on-brand communication.

Quality Control: 

Leveraging the version history feature, Amelia and her team maintained high-quality work by reviewing previous email versions. This helped them avoid errors and enhance the quality of emails delivered to SaaStr's subscribers.

 “Many people think email is dead, but emails are still our number one driver. People just need a tool like BEE Pro that powers their emails.” 

Amelia Ibarra, General Manager, SaaStr


Integration of BEE Pro into SaaStr's email marketing toolkit was transformative. The seamless integration was possible due to BEE Pro's intuitive email builder, which enabled the rapid creation of on-brand, captivating emails. SaaStr efficiently streamlined its email creation process using BEE Pro's drag-and-drop editor, user-friendly content blocks, and folders to organize its emails. Building emails confidently, BEE Pro has proven to deliver tangible results for SaaStr's email marketing endeavors.

BEE Plugin embeddable email, landing page and popup builder for SaaS

BEE Pro is a fast, collaborative email & landing page design suite.

BEE Pro helps you dramatically cut down on email and landing page production time while retaining full design freedom and enforcing branding guidelines. Move from idea to ready-to-go, responsive emails & pages in hours, not days. Define fonts & colors, create brand-specific templates, set user roles & permissions. Dramatically accelerate the design process, but stay in the driver's seat.

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