Jim Maddock

How a freelance email developer has created over 670 email campaigns using Beefree.

See why freelance email designer Jim Maddock decided to switch to Beefree to create hundreds of email marketing campaigns for big-name clients such as The Universal Music Group, Elton John, The 1975, and Disney.


Jim Maddock is a Freelance Email Developer and CRM Consultant with over 10 years in the email marketing, direct marketing, and email development industry. Maddock works with big-name clients such as The Universal Music Group. His role includes creating email marketing campaigns for artists and brands such as Elton John, The 1975, and Disney.  As well as, creating newsletter templates for UMG’s HR team to ensure recruiting and onboarding process run smoothly and efficiently for new employees.

"Beefree worked right out of the box. It was easy to use, has a good level of customization, but not so much that it is overwhelming."
- Jim Maddock , Freelance Email Developer and CRM Consultant


Before transitioning to a Freelance Email Developer, Jim Maddock worked in CRM and Marketing Operations for over 10 years. His most notable roles were for large organizations such as The Guardian Newspaper, British Telecom, and Eithad Airways.

In his 10 years in the industry, he worked with “enterprise-level solutions,” like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Adobe Campaign. While these tools were impressive and offered a wide range of features and capabilities, they were not easy to learn.

In large organizations, technical resources and training are not always provided to thoroughly explain how to use said tools and software to their fullest potential. As a result, Maddock noted that “these organizations often spent thousands of dollars on these tools, only for employees to use 10% of their capabilities.” In addition, the employee training on these tools is often very broad and not targeted to specific roles. The result of this is teams like HR being introduced to design tools that, due to lack of training and knowledge of design, are hard to adapt to and cause a loss of productivity.

Because of his previous experience, when Maddock began freelancing, he knew he needed to find an easy tool to learn. Knowing that he would be working with various clients, industries, and departments, he knew that he needed a tool that was easy to adopt for him and anyone else he would collaborate with. He also required an email design tool to generate an HTML output that he could easily copy and paste into any ESP.


Maddock's number one goal was to find a tool that allowed him to produce, design, and edit email marketing campaigns and landing pages at scale. Beefree's drag-and-drop editor provided Maddock with the design flexibility and features to help ensure mobile responsiveness, smooth collaboration, and the ability to save time with content blocks and style guidelines.

In Maddock’s words, “Beefree worked right out of the box. It is easy to use, has a good level of customization, but not so much that it’s overwhelming.”

Maddock wasn't looking for a tool that did it all, simply a tool that did one thing really well. For instance, although he could not send emails through Beefree, it generates an HTML code that could be copied and pasted into his client's ESP. This means that he could solely focus on developing email marketing materials without adding extra steps to his or his client's workflows.

Beefree allows Jim to easily create customizable templates for HR teams to send through Workday. These templates help HR teams save time for onboarding and offboarding emails, employee satisfaction surveys, and company newsletters. When paired together, the ease of use of BEE Pro and the level of automation  Workday provides makes customizing and sending emails as easy as clicking a button.


In the last two years, Jim Maddock has designed over 670 email campaigns for various industries, including Human Resource departments. With the use of templates, they can easily and quickly onboard and offboard employees and send emails to improve employee engagement. Recruiters can also ensure a pleasurable experience for potential employees through consistent messaging and on-brand emails.


Brand control

As a Freelancer, Maddock develops email campaigns for all kinds of departments, artists, and organizations with their own unique brand identities and voice. Beefree makes it easy to ensure brand control by allowing him to save brand style guidelines like fonts, colors, footers, and headers.

Customer satisfaction

Beefree has allowed Maddock to double email production for his clients. Not only has he been able to double their communication efforts, but also the quality of communication has resulted in a 200% revenue increase for his clients.

Ease of use

With Beefreeo’s great organizational features and easy-to-implement reusable content blocks, Maddock can quickly build email campaigns that are engaging and responsive from start to finish within 30 minutes. Then, UMG’s HR departments can easily customize and send emails through Workday using the newsletter templates.

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