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BEE Pro Free

Fast, no-code, collaborative email and landing page design. Free.

BEE Pro is the quickest way to design elegant, mobile responsive emails and landing pages. It gives you the design freedom and collaboration tools to get things done right, while cutting down on production time.


The email and page builder for everyone

BEE Pro’s fantastic visual builder makes it easy for everyone to design beautiful emails and landing pages. Move from idea to ready-to-go, responsive designs in hours, not days. Invite your colleagues to collaborate so you can exchange design-specific feedback and quickly finalize things.

Save unlimited emails and landing pages
Email rendering peace of mind

Emails and pages that look great everywhere

Emails and landing pages designed with BEE Pro are always mobile-ready as the HTML produced is fully responsive. In addition, you can show specific content elements only on desktop vs. mobile, so the viewing experience is optimized for each device.

As for email rendering issues, our team is constantly testing in lots of email clients using services such as Litmus and Email On Acid, so you don't have to.

Free Plan features

Basic content blocks

Content blocks represent the different kinds of content you can use in your email or page: text, image, video, icons, stickers, etc.

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Add simple, text-based navigation. When the email or page is viewed on a mobile device, it automatically renders as a hamburger menu.

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Easily add video content to emails and pages: just copy & paste from YouTube or Vimeo. It converts into an image in email, plays embedded on a page.

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To facilitate social follow & social share, you can quickly add your preferred social icons, selecting from a gallery of available styles. Custom icons too.

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Star ratings, list of logos, visual bullets: Icons allows you to use small images and text together for more flexibility in your designs.

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GIPHY stickers are one of the many ways to design cool, engaging emails & landing pages with BEE. Pick from a huge gallery.

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Same as with Stickers, BEE leverages GIPHY's vast library of animated GIFs. Easily find the animation you need to enrich your email or landing page.

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Do not stack on mobile

When a row is rendered on mobile, columns are stacked vertically. This feature lets you override that, for when columns need to stay side by side.

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Reverse stack on mobile

Zig-zag designs (e.g. img-text; text-img; img-text; ...), don't look right when stacked. So this feature lets you reverse the stacking order on mobile. Cool!

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Column management

Rows can contain multiple columns. You can easily change the structure of a row by instantly adding, removing and resizing columns.

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Hide on desktop/mobile

You may need to show different content on mobile. This feature allows you to define when a specific content block is shown. More design flexibility!

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QR Code

View emails or landing pages on your smartphone instantly by scanning a QR code. Check if things looks OK, then share with colleagues or customers.

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Save & re-use

Create a Design System: save rows of content (headers, footers, etc.) and re-use them in any email or page with a simple drag and drop.

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Undo/redo & change history

See a visual timeline of recent changes, jump back & forth between them, and easily undo multiple edits at once.

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Copy & paste HTML

Copy the code & paste it anywhere. Images are stored in BEE Pro and delivered super-fast via the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network.

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Export HTML & images

Download a ZIP file with the HTML and all the images. Easily import it into any system that has a ZIP import features (many ESPs do, for example).

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Get started today. It's free.

BEE Pro Free is not a trial. It's a truly free plan.

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Save unlimited emails and landing pages Upgrade to Team

BEE Pro Free is perfect if you use it occasionally. Otherwise, Team is the way to go.

Unlimited assets

Save and edit unlimited emails, landing pages, custom templates, reusable blocks. View and restore all previous versions.

User roles and permissions

The Free plan supports multiple users, but they are all “admins”. The Team plan allows you to assign roles and permissions.

Complete personalization

Remove the “Designed with BEE” footer and personalize the domain for your landing pages.

Export to more apps

Unlock additional connectors, including: HubSpot, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, and ActiveCampaign. Export to PDF.


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