Unlocking the power of creative freedom: How Kudos supercharged their B2B email marketing with Beefree

Kudos is an employee engagement, culture, and analytics platform that harnesses the power of recognition.

Who is Kudos

Kudos is an employee engagement, culture, and analytics platform that harnesses the power of recognition. Kudos offers a solution that helps empower organizations worldwide to build thriving cultures, drive employee engagement, and improve business outcomes.  

Quest for email marketing excellence

Meet Taryn Hart, the Content Marketing Specialist at Kudos, who is the driving force behind the company's content strategy. Taryn realized that email marketing was a linchpin in Kudos' communication efforts with internal teams and customers. However, there were hurdles in their path. The existing email template builder, Salesforce Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), fell short on design flexibility, suffered from rendering issues, and demanded labor-intensive manual adjustments. Determined to revamp their email strategy, Taryn set out on a quest to find a solution that would not only tackle these challenges but also give her the creative ownership she craved, all while keeping their existing CRM.

Transforming Kudos' email marketing approach with Beefree

Taryn Hart needed an email design powerhouse that could meet Kudos where they were. She sought a platform that offered unparalleled design flexibility, ensuring Kudos' emails would not just be visually captivating but consistently responsive on any device or email client. Collaboration within the team needed a facelift, with quicker feedback and approvals to streamline email creation. Plus, Taryn wanted a solution that made manual coding adjustments a thing of the past. Enter Beefree, the game-changer. Beefree liberated Taryn to design emails without limits, with customizable, mobile-responsive templates that seamlessly represented the brand. Beefree's collaboration features, including real-time commenting and status updates, encourage teamwork and slash approval process times. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder put Taryn in the driver's seat, and Beefree's continuous updates and responsive customer support sealed the deal.

Beefree's Impact: Unleashing Kudos' Email Marketing Performance

Design freedom and brand consistency

Beefree laid out a buffet of over 1,500 fully customizable templates and style settings, enabling Taryn to craft emails that perfectly matched Kudos' branding. It banished coding complexities, giving Kudos full design control, mobile responsiveness, and effortless collaboration.

Effortless collaboration and rapid approval process

Beefree's integrated collaboration features, complete with comments and team member tagging, turbocharged email creation. Taryn brought in-house designers and stakeholders into the mix creating a harmonious collaborative environment. With Beefree's efficient approval system and status updates, Kudos cut down on team involvement, slashing email turnaround times without compromising quality.

Skyrocketing engagement metrics and performance

Beefree's impact on Kudos' email engagement metrics was a sight to behold. Taryn witnessed substantial spikes in open rates and click-through rates post-transition to Beefree's email templates. Notably, their maiden email using Beefree's template doubled the open rate, underlining the profound effect on audience engagement.

Time and resource liberation

Beefree's feature-rich, customizable platform allowed Taryn to seize full control of Kudos' email marketing efforts. With no more manual rendering tweaks or coding hassles, she could focus on creating strategic content and optimizing campaigns. Beefree's user-friendly builder meant Taryn could craft emails efficiently without constantly relying on in-house designers or developers. The drag-and-drop builder proved priceless, allowing Kudos' small marketing team to allocate resources more strategically.

Outstanding customer experience and responsive support

Taryn sang praises for Beefree's attentive customer support. The prompt and thorough assistance underscored Beefree's dedication to customer satisfaction. The smooth onboarding experience and regular updates demonstrated Beefree's customer-centric approach, aligning perfectly with Kudos' commitment to its clients.

Voices from the team

"Email marketing is such a big part of my role, and I really wanted to take ownership and recreate our templates to make it so that they are a lot more functional and useful to both our clients and our subscribers.."

Taryn Hart

Content Marketing Specialist, Kudos

“It’s such an in-depth email design system that supports our high-quality content and has improved our engagement. We’re so impressed with it!"

Taryn Hart

Content Marketing Specialist, Kudos

Streamlining Kudos' email marketing success with Beefree

Integrating Beefree into her workflow was a game-changer for Taryn, revolutionizing her approach to email marketing. With customizable templates and an intuitive interface, Kudos unlocked unparalleled design freedom, seamlessly aligned with their goals while sidestepping coding complexities. In-app collaboration and mobile responsiveness streamlined the process, elevating engagement across devices. Beefree's solution saved precious resources and empowered Taryn to take complete control of email campaigns, nurturing a culture of collaboration and innovation. Beefree's unwavering commitment to design excellence and responsive support made them an indispensable partner in Kudos' journey to email engagement success.

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