Beefree for People & Culture

Simplify HR communications, increase employee engagement

Empower your People & Culture teams to better connect with the workforce with impactful newsletters and landing pages.

Simplify newsletter creation with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder

Set style guidelines with one click for always on-brand HR communications 

Create landing pages to strengthen your employee engagement initiatives 

Increase newsletter creation speed by collaborating and approving in one place

Seamlessly connect Beefree to your sending platform for easy export 

The premier HTML email builder
for People & Culture

“It’s such an in-depth email design system that supports our high-quality content and has improved our engagement. We’re so impressed with it!"

Taryn Hart

Content Marketing Specialist,

“Our email creation process has drastically improved since using Beefree. Not only are we faster than ever, but also more colleagues in the company can now build emails on their own with the use of pre-approved content blocks and templates.”

Giovanni Zacchia

Head of Retention, Olio

"Beefree helped us develop emails that are creative, polished, and don't feel like just another corporate email."

Kara Amore

Director of Strategic Communication and
Creative Services, ricky3sticks

Surpass outdated solutions and strengthen company culture one email at a time

The Beefree email builder allows People & Culture teams, with varying design skill sets, to create compelling newsletters and landing pages with little to no learning curve. 

Uphold brand consistency in HR newsletters

Effortlessly set your predefined styles inside Beefree to ensure all outgoing communications adhere to your company’s brand guidelines.

Archive knowledge efficiently: Manage staff turnover and employee onboarding with ease. Organize, store, and share old messages to ensure continuity and support team adaptation.

Save time writing with our AI writing Assistant

Leverage Beefree’s AI Assistant to quickly craft engaging copy that leaves a lasting impression on candidates, employees, and stakeholders.

Integrate Beefree into your existing workflows

Seamlessly copy and paste your design's HTML into your sending platform or use our integrations to push emails from Beefree to your HRMS in seconds.

Collaborate across teams with ease

Organize, store, and collaborate on all of your People & Culture emails directly in Beefree. Use User Roles to assign specific responsibilities further strengthening efficiency and productivity.

Streamline communication: Centralize emails and newsletters to reduce confusion and errors. Our platform ensures every HR professional, whether in the office or remote, has access to all announcements, eliminating information silos.

Say goodbye to announcement anxiety. With Beefree, minimize back-and-forth and ensure collective input for perfect outcomes. Boost your communication confidence and enjoy peace of mind knowing your messages are spot-on.

HR templates for every occasion and initiative.

Get inspired or start designing with free templates for recruitment, onboarding, internal comms, or employee engagement.Further, optimize your campaigns by turning emails into landing pages in one click. Compatible with all sending platforms and screen sizes.

Beefree: The go-to solution for all of
your employee engagement programs

Whether you’re in charge of recruitment onboarding, internal comms, or employee engagement, Beefree has everything you need to get started. Start from scratch or choose a template from our catalog!

Recruitment and onboarding

Create compelling recruitment emails to attract top talent. Design informative and engaging welcome emails that ensure new hires feel integrated from their very first day.

Learning and development (L&D)

Promote training programs and growth opportunities to nurture your employees' professional development. Send invites to webinars, workshops, or create landing pages with topic-specific videos and resources. 

Internal communications and announcements

From broad company announcements to departmental updates, craft newsletters that employees will want to read. 

Health and wellness initiatives

Contribute to a healthier workplace environment. Create email campaigns to share physical and mental health tips, resources, and promote in-person events,

Employee engagement and retention

Send targeted email campaigns to celebrate employee milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries. Foster a culture of engagement and recognition.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs

Advocate for an inclusive workplace culture and elevate your DEI initiatives through thoughtful educational email campaigns.

Feedback and surveys

Ensure employees feel heard and valued by conducting regular surveys and assessing employee satisfaction. Create the surveys directly in Beefree or easily embed a form.