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How the University of Denver quickly designs mobile-ready Regroup emails with Beefree

Learn more about how the University of Denver quickly designs mobile-ready Regroup emails with Beefree.


The College of Natural Sciences and Math is an esteemed academic unit at the University of Denver located in Denver, Colorado. The department provides scholars with a comprehensive understanding of science and math to solve the problems of today’s world. With a student body of over 1400 students and hundreds of faculty members, the communication team at the College of Natural Sciences and Math relies heavily on email to keep their community informed.

"I knew what I wanted my templates to look like and I knew that I could build it if I found the right tool. [Beefree] has done what I needed it to do and it does it in an easy way."
- Nathan Willers , Director of Communications


In 2020, Nathan Willers started as the Director of Communications for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Denver. He owns and operates the communication for this academic unit. His regular tasks include relaying information to students, faculty, and staff through email, along with managing their website.

Nathan has been in the business of sending marketing emails for over 15 years. When he joined, the university was using Regroup, a mass notification system for day-to-day alerts. The university trusts Regroup, as it’s popularly used by many universities in the U.S. for email marketing.

Nathan found that while Regroup was an easy-to-use sending platform, it didn’t provide the layouts and optimized design features he was looking for. “IT departments love [Regroup] it because it’s easy for them to manage their lists, but it’s hard to lay things out in the editor.”

Nathan wanted a tool that would allow him to build his own layouts, send mobile-friendly emails, and speed up his design process so he could get work done faster. He needed all of this in a builder that would generate an HTML output so that he could directly input it into the Regroup sending platform.


In his search, Nathan discovered Beefree. The intuitive builder provided him with the flexible email layouts he needed, along with other key features like mobile optimization, a long list of typeface selections, and a modern interface. It checked all of the boxes for Nathan’s requirements of an email builder.

The ultimate deciding factor was how the builder would work with Regroup. Nathan found that Beefree generated an HTML code that he could copy and paste into the sending platform. This meant that he could design more easily without adding extra steps to his existing workflow.

The tool provided everything that Nathan was looking for and stayed well below the department’s budget. In his words, “in the broad scheme of things, it's not too expensive and it was a tool we obviously needed.”


Adopting Beefree enabled Nathan to build and send emails he feels confident about. The complete email and landing page design design suite provides great organizational features, easy-to-implement content blocks, and mobile optimization to design on-brand emails quickly and easily. Beefree was his favorite low-cost, effective solution. It works well with his sending platform and makes the entire email marketing experience hassle-free.


Flexible layouts

Beefee’s drag-and-drop builder allows for full design flexibility, including changing fonts, colors, and other brand-identifying elements.
Customizable content blocks gave Nathan the freedom to build professional layouts to suit his unit’s brand.

Responsive mobile design

Recent SaleCycle research indicates that 42.3% of email users will delete an email that isn’t optimized for mobile. Nathan knew that this stat was especially applicable to busy college students. Beefree’s Mobile Design Mode feature reassured Nathan that all his emails would render correctly on any device for students.

Ease of use

Beefree’s intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities gave Nathan the ability to build the layouts he wanted. Quick preview test sends allowed his boss to review emails for a faster approval process easily. And the quick export process helped Nathan stay organized for an all-in-one seamless workflow experience.

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