From Days to Hours:
How Folderly Streamlined Email Campaign Production with BEE Pro and HubSpot

“With BEE Pro, we can create beautiful  designs and quickly integrate them into our workflows. By connecting our HubSpot account to BEE Pro, we can easily transfer the email designs to HubSpot, making the entire process highly efficient and smooth.”

Kate Lavrenchuk, Marketing Lead

Folderly improves email performance and supercharges campaigns.

Folderly is an all-in-one email solution platform offering tools and features to help businesses and organizations optimize their email campaigns. Providing services such as email deliverability testing and monitoring, Folderly improves email performance and supercharges campaigns.


Kate Lavrechuk is the Marketing Lead at Folderly, where she has been instrumental in building and managing the company's marketing department since its early days. For the past three years, Folderly has relied on HubSpot as its primary Marketing and Sales CRM platform for campaign sending and tracking. While HubSpot's automation features were helpful, the visual editing capabilities available in the app were not sufficient for their needs.

To create visually appealing email designs with ease and streamline their email production process, Folderly needed a tool that offered beautiful templates, seamless integration with their preferred sending platform, and design team approval to ensure aesthetic quality. As a result, they began researching an email design tool that could be integrated with HubSpot.


After testing out several other options, Kate's team at Folderly chose BEE Pro as their email design tool of choice. The seamless integration between BEE Pro and HubSpot, which was Folderly's primary marketing and sales CRM platform, allowed for easy transfer of email designs from BEE Pro to HubSpot. This integration resulted in significant time and resource savings for Folderly.

BEE Pro's wide range of customizable email templates eliminated the need for coding and enabled Folderly to create visually stunning designs for their email campaigns. The platform also streamlined the email creation process, further increasing the efficiency of Folderly's marketing efforts.

Additionally, BEE Pro fostered collaboration between Folderly's marketing and design teams. The design team praised BEE Pro's user-friendly, flexible, and powerful design-builder for allowing them to create visually appealing email designs while staying on-brand.


High Performing Emails

According to Kate Lavrenchuk, emails designed with BEE Pro had an outstanding average open rate of 36%, which was 15% higher than campaigns created with other tools. This demonstrates the effectiveness of BEE Pro in producing high-performing email campaigns.

Kate further emphasized that using BEE Pro streamlined Folderly's internal workflows, allowing for quicker completion of tasks such as design, copywriting, and approval. With BEE Pro, these tasks took only a few hours instead of days, resulting in significant time savings for the team. This led to increased peace of mind across the company, enabling Folderly to focus on other important business activities.


The team at Folderly experienced increased efficiency and productivity in designing email campaigns, and the integration with HubSpot allowed Folderly to quickly and easily transfer their email designs into their CRM system. This streamlined their entire email marketing process, saving time and making tracking and analyzing their campaigns easier. 

 "The internal workflows are smoother and quicker, from design and copywriting to the approval process — a few hours instead of days. Not to mention the peace of mind of the entire company!"

Kate Lavrenchuk, Marketing Lead


The team at Folderly finds BEE Pro to be an essential tool for their email campaign production. The pre-built templates, email responsiveness, and mobile optimization features provided by BEE Pro are crucial to the success of their campaigns. Additionally, BEE Pro's seamless integration with HubSpot enables the team to run campaigns independently and with record speed. The production speed enabled by BEE Pro, combined with HubSpot's automated customized message sending, has significantly improved Folderly's email campaign production process.

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