Leveraging branded email design across local offices of a global organization

Learn more about how Beefree helped this global nonprofit scale their content, improve their email marketing processes and create unified, brand consistent email designs.


For over 75 years, UNICEF has been devoted to protecting the rights and well-being of children in over 190 countries and territories. The global organization provides humanitarian and developmental aid to children in efforts to ensure all children have the protection, inclusion, education and resources they need to fulfill their potential. UNICEF’s generous work has helped millions of impoverished children, many of whom are stuck in cycles of violence and poverty. Their mission is to always do what needs to be done to help children survive and progress.

"Beefree is one of the most intuitive and useful tools that I have ever used. It is allowing us to create many emails very quickly, with really nice templates, and helping us to improve our support to UNICEF markets with content and emails."
- Clara, Beefree user and UNICEF Marketing Consultant


UNICEF’s relentless work to nurture and protect children across the globe calls for a multinational communication strategy to ensure consistent care. Each unit has access to a differing amount of resources along with a range of employee email marketing experience levels. This global non-profit is committed to informing their donor base. To do this successfully, in a repeatable, sustainable way, they require one cohesive strategy that not only allows offices around the globe to implement new processes easily but also allows for brand consistency across all the markets they serve.

This challenge is not specific to UNICEF. In fact, nonprofits struggle with this type of consistency due to having limited marketing budgets, as well as limits on other operations and backend business systems. The goal for each of their global offices is to keep existing donors engaged, informed and motivated to donate to causes that speak to them. The Individual Giving team at UNICEF LAC Regional office was challenged to find the right tool to design their email communications easily and affordably in order to maintain brand consistency from office to office.


The Global Fundraising team at UNICEF discovered Beefree and soon realized that this digital content design tool would satisfy their need to quickly design emails to support their multiple campaigns. They also valued the functionality within the application which gave them the ability to create brand consistency for each individual brand across the globe.

Beefree became the tool that allowed the team to do more with less and streamline the email design and content copywriting process. Now, their dedicated digital content designers leverage Beefree to design 5-6 emails per month to support their global offices.

Beefree’s no-code solution was a key player in their ability to save time and design faster because the tool is intuitive and minimal training is required. The marketing teams can now design on-brand templates to support teams across UNICEF. They can develop copy, insert it into the email design and easily share the completed templates with each office within days.

Beefree has helped the Global Fundraising team to optimize their email communication strategy by streamlining their production workflow. In addition, there is improved brand consistency from office to office because of Beefree’s ability to create “brand kits”: save rows, set colors, logos and merge tags all within the application. Now no one has to recreate these elements every time a new email is scheduled to go out to their donor base.


Transforming Global Fundraising email marketing processes with the use of Beefree has allowed them to scale their content and improve access across offices. The Global Fundraising marketing team was able to adapt to Beefree’s functionality quickly and easily. They can now ensure that their digital marketing campaigns are more unified and connected by implementing improved designs with clear brand consistency.

"BEE Pro has been great at helping us to easily and quickly share templates, content and email automation series. The process of sharing has been simple and the platform easy to use for teams across a broad range of skill levels."
- Alyssa Moynihan , BEE Pro user and UNICEF Marketing Consultant


Clear-cut designing

The variance of experience levels across all markets called for a product that was easy and quick to learn. UNICEF’s Global Fundraising team utilized Beefree with few challenges to their design processes due to its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. With a short learning curve, they were able to create emails quickly and consistently.

Brand management

The team needed boilerplate content along with branded emails to allow easy leverage for each global unit. The ability to create a branded email library helped save time while keeping their brand appearance consistent across each market.

Capacity building

With easy to learn design tools, the team can now create adaptive and responsive email designs for many of their global donors and local markets. They support multiple campaigns by quickly producing more consistent, quality content and send it out at higher frequencies with ease.

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