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For over 25 years, Test Gauge Inc. has provided significant backflow support to customers nationwide. The family-owned and operated business serves as a complete source of Backflow Prevention products including calibration and repair part sales and services. As experts in the backflow industry, the Test Gauge Inc. team delivers thoughtful customer service by ensuring needs are satisfied and questions are accurately clarified.


Test Gauge has enjoyed steady growth over the past several years and has adapted its communication strategy to align with how its customers prefer to engage with them. Over time, the company has made adjustments to evolve to accommodate a strategy that is more focused on digital marketing & communications.

In early 2021, Test Gauge committed to amp up their email marketing to drive more customers to their website and also to create a library of email templates that the nine US based franchises could leverage to do the same.

As Tom Skolar, Sales & Marketing Manager and Kyle Biba, E-Mail Marketing Manager explain it, the new strategy was achievable provided they had the right tools that would make the email design component easy. The team was not in the market to hire designers and html developers for this new strategy. They are a lean, flexible team and were lacking a tool that could help them design up to 5,000 email templates quickly, easily and deploy to their sending platform without requiring additional outside resources to get the job done.


One of the criteria in the vendor selection process was an email design tool that was simple and easy to use, but that also offered design flexibility in order to be able to create different branded templates to support their nine franchises.

In addition to that, the tool had to have the right capabilities to support exporting the HTML to their NetSuite marketing automation tool without negatively impacting rendering . A simple Google search brought them to other vendors, including Beefree. Beefree out-performed all of its competitors in the category of ease of use, authentic no-code design, extensive catalog of templates and Mobile Design Mode.


Adopting Beefree as Test Gauge’s email design tool has been a game changer and sets them above their competition as their digital marketing campaigns roll out. What makes the experience a game changer? In addition to the simplicity and ease of use, Beefree has a Mobile Design Mode which is a really important feature for Test Gauge. Most of their customers are viewing emails from some type of mobile device because they are working out in the field. Mobile Design Mode makes it possible to design an email 100% for mobile first campaigns without wasting time and clicks to toggle back and forth between the editor and preview mode.

“Beefree has been such a pleasant customer experience - when compares to email design in Constant Contact, Canva, Pardot, Brevo, Beefree is better than any of these”
- Tom Skolar, Sales & Marketing Manager


Zero learning curve

Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality required zero training or support to get started. Ability to create emails within minutes compared to days. Ready-to-use templates provided inspiration for how “loud or tempered” the designs could be. Knowledge transfer for franchisees is seamless.

Branding control

Developing email templates for 9 different franchises meant having specific branding. Beefree made creating brands and savings brand styles like fonts, colors, footers, and headers very easy without compromising identity.

No additional hires required

Beefree’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality made it possible for a small marketing team to easily and quickly design professional, branded email templates and bypass the need to hire freelancers to lend an extra hand to create the emails.

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