How Optimite slashed production time by over 90% with Beefree

How Optimite slashed production time by over 90% with Beefree

Learn how Optimite, an email design agency, has cut email design production and costs significantly since adopting Beefree.

Optimite, a vibrant email design agency, emerges as the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Nishant and Sushant Yadav. From freelance gigs on Fiverr to pioneering a cutting-edge design firm that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, they've carved their path in the digital landscape by helping clients create visually appealing and effective email campaigns.

The challenges of hand-coded email template design

Nishant and Sushant saw a gap in their local market and decided that creating emails to support other companies would be great. However, they had a cumbersome and time-consuming approach, where they had to manually code emails from scratch. This inefficient process limited their creativity and ability to iterate quickly on designs. They recount hours wrestling with code, battling formatting issues, and feeling creatively stifled. “Our email templates were basic and not visually appealing at all. It was a struggle to create engaging designs that would grab attention and drive conversions,” said Nishant. They found this process frustrating and recognized the need for a better solution.

An email design agencies search for a solution

As they sought solutions to their email design challenges, Nishant and Sushant explored various tools in the market. After trying various tools and platforms, including Stripo and Chamaileon, they discovered Beefree. Sushant reflected on their journey, saying, “We tried all those [platforms], and then we narrowed down that this is the platform we want to build our business on.” Their decision to transition was rooted in Beefree's comprehensive suite of features, particularly its integration capabilities and collaborative tools. Sushant elaborated, “I think these fulfilled our requirements.” With Beefree, the Optimite team found the ideal solution that addressed their pain points and offered the versatility and functionality necessary to streamline their email design process and scale their business.

Making the switch to Beefree 

Implementing Beefree was also a smooth process for the team at Optimite. Sushant explained, “Since Beefree’s output is HTML, you just need to use the connectors or copy and paste the HTML into your system.” This straightforward integration allowed the Optimite team to incorporate Beefree into their email design process seamlessly. Sushant further emphasized the simplicity of the process, stating, “There's nothing that is stopping you or extra things that you need to learn to integrate Beefree with your existing system.” The Optimite team leveraged their design skills to create and modify email templates without needing specialized development expertise.


1. Time Savings: What used to take two to three days of combined design and development work at the beginning of Optimite’s journey is now 90% faster, enabling Optimite to expedite their email design process and allocate resources more effectively.

2. Cost Reduction: Optimite achieved a 40-45% cost reduction by adopting Beefree. This reduction in resource costs directly contributes to Optimite's improved profitability and operational efficiency.

3. Increased Productivity: Nishant Yadav highlights the transformative impact of Beefree on Optimite's productivity. "Sometimes, we can design an email in 10 minutes," he states, emphasizing a substantial improvement from their previous process, which took days. This surge in productivity translates to a more agile and responsive workflow, allowing Optimite to meet client demands with greater speed and agility.

4. Client Satisfaction: The enhanced capabilities provided by Beefree have elevated Optimite's client service offerings. With faster turnaround times and superior design quality, Optimite has witnessed heightened client satisfaction levels, leading to increased client retention and loyalty. Nishant underscores the value proposition, stating, "We were able to turn our designers into developers," indicating a strategic shift that adds value to both Optimite and its clients.

5. Scalability and Growth: Over the years, Optimite has leveraged Beefree to create thousands of emails, demonstrating the platform's scalability and its role in facilitating business expansion. This reflects Optimite's sustained success and growth trajectory fueled by Beefree's intuitive features and robust performance.

Voices from the team

“If we had to manually code the email templates, it would take 2 to 3 workdays for one template. But with the Beefree, we have saved a lot of time.”



Looking ahead to the future of email design

As Optimite reflects on their journey, they see a future empowered by Beefree, where the once-daunting task of email design and development is streamlined to perfection. With Beefree, they've transformed their operations, turning work days into hours and unlocking significant cost savings. Looking ahead, they anticipate scaling even more, with more efficiency using Beefree. 

Join Optimite in embracing the future of email design with Beefree. Start your transformation today and discover the limitless possibilities awaiting your business.

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