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How maximizes their email design and collaboration using Beefree, resulting in improved customer engagement and design efficiency.


CarStickers has been delivering superior customized stickers and decals for over 20 years. Their simple design tools allow customers to turn their personalized logos or artwork into vinyl stickers. Customers can also browse and choose from CarSticker’s library of professional, ready-to-go designs created by partnering artists. As a leading manufacturer, CarStickers guarantees top-quality stickers and decals at the lowest prices in their industry.

"Being able to design in Beefree and export to ActiveCampaign has turned out to be the perfect partnership for our needs."
- Joel Steele , Chief Experience Officer at CarStickers


As one of the most popular sticker and decal sites on the Internet, CarStickers relies on email marketing to sell its custom-made stickers, transfer stickers and more. Surely, the company needed to develop and test a design system that would best accommodate their extensive customer base.

CarStickers committed to finding a strategy that would allow them to seamlessly create on-brand, responsive newsletters. Joel Steele, who serves as Chief Experience Officer at CarStickers, craved a design system that felt more natural and functional than ones the company has used in the past.

With only a few others on Joel’s team, their goal for a faster, more responsive email marketing process was crucial to their growth. The CarStickers team sensed their current time-consuming email template creation workflow needed a revamp. Consistently creating new, cohesive email templates that would captivate their customers proved challenging without easy-to-use tools and automation.


CarStickers needed an email design solution that would allow them to maintain consistent branding while quickly creating fresh email templates to maintain their audience’s interest. Additionally, their solution required support for their automation tool, ActiveCampaign.

Exporting their HTML to ActiveCampaign needed to result in perfectly rendered emails. Joel and his team favored Beefree over other design systems. Beefree’s drag-and drop functionality and intuitive controls paired with ActiveCampaign’s seamless automation capabilities proved to be the perfect system combination.


Electing Beefree and ActiveCampaign as Carsticker’s email powerhouse team has leveled up their email design process. The pairing simplifies all aspects of an email marketing campaign. From designing to automation, it’s all done fast and effectively. Along with the seamless process, Beefree offers intuitive drag-and-drop functionalities and Mobile Design Mode, which enables quick switching between mobile and desktop view while editing designs. This was just what CarStickers needed to create fast, responsive emails.

“We love Beefree’s user experience. Beefree is very intuitive for the way we design.”
- Joel Steele , Chief Experience Officer at CarStickers


Branding control

Generating unique email templates was simplified with Beefree’s extensive collection of row layouts and pre-made templates. The team established their brand identity in Beefree by saving elements like headers, footers, colors, etc. This allowed for more time to create visual variety in each email.

Streamlined workflow

Beefree design freedom paired with ActiveCampaign automation is an effective pairing. Easily create and test email or landing page templates in desktop or mobile view, and export directly to ActiveCampaign. The partnership created a timesaving, efficient email marketing workflow and eliminated any rendering concerns.

Seamless integration

The ActiveCampaign integration readily connects to Beefree. Quickly design an email template and initiate a smooth exporting experience. The email saves as a new template, and will appear in the ActiveCampaign account within seconds.

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