Email Templates for Marketing

New to using email templates for your marketing agency? Not sure where to start or how to navigate
our template library to find the best fit for your next email marketing campaign? We’re here to help!

Selecting the Perfect Template for Your Campaign

With dozens of email templates to choose from in the marketing industry alone, how do you zero in on the right fit for your next show-stopping email? We’re breaking it down to help you narrow your options.

Step-by-Step Guide

While every Beefree template is highly customizable, the marketing agency email template you start with will set the tone for your campaign. Follow these clear steps:

1. Consider the goal or intent of your campaign.
Is this a standard newsletter? A special announcement? A promotion for an upcoming event like this one?

The “Usage” filter lets you select the purpose of your campaign so you’ll see templates specifically designed for that use.

2. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes.
Think about who your audience is and what will appeal to them. For example, perhaps your campaign is going to tech companies, so look for a design that has a techy aesthetic like this:

Or, if your audience will be within an artistic or creative field, go for an artsy look.

3. Think about the content your email will feature.
Do you want to keep it simple with minimal text and one clear, bold call to action? Or will this email be focused on sharing informative content, so you’ll need more text space like this?

Select a template that’s structured accordingly.

Ensuring High Conversion Rates with Beefree Templates

How can you make your email marketing as successful and high-converting as possible with Beefree templates? Our email marketing pros are here to help you get more bang for your buck. Utilize these key strategies:

Check your final design on mobile devices. According to MailChimp, a responsive email design increases mobile unique clicks by 15%. While all of Beefree’s templates are designed to be responsible and mobile-friendly, you’ll be customizing the template to suit your brand and your needs, which can affect how the email displays on mobile devices. Our email editor allows you to preview both mobile and desktop displays.

Create multiple versions for different audiences. Segmenting your audience into groups can increase your revenue by 760% according to CampaignMonitor. Segment your email list by factors like what industry your recipients are in, where your recipients are in the sales funnel, and other factors. Use our templates to create versions of the email tailored to each segment.

With these top strategies, it’s easy to not only get started with your email template for marketing but also make each campaign more profitable.

Getting Started with Beefree

Making your email marketing campaign thrive is easier than ever with Beefree’s help. Here’s how to use our resources:

1. Sign up for your Beefree plan.
Most agencies work best with either our Team plan or our Enterprise plan.

2. Choose your free marketing email templates using the steps above.
Depending on the intent of your campaign, consider an email template that has a coordinating landing page template too for a seamless audience experience.

3. Customize your template.
Along with adding your content, customize the template to align with your brand. That can include adding your logo, adjusting the color scheme to be on-brand, and so on. Our intuitive HTML email editor makes this easy - simply click “edit” on the template of your choice.

4. Preview your design.
Don’t forget to check how it looks on both desktop and mobile displays, as well as how it looks in dark mode. You can send a test email as well.

5. Launch your campaign.
Beefree integrates with numerous email service providers so you can send your email directly. Or, you can export the email design and import it into your email service provider.

6. Watch the opens, clicks, and conversions roll in!

To get started now, sign up for Beefree and put our professional digital marketing email templates to use.