Mastering Event Email Marketing with Beefree Templates

Whether you’re marketing an in-person event for your organization, an online webinar, or a special sale, your event email marketing needs to make a splash. Your audience’s inboxes are flooded with other messages and promotions, so how do you make your design stand out? Beefree’s events email templates can help, with eye-catching and professional designs at your fingertips. Easy to get started and easy to customize, these templates make your event marketing a snap.

Choosing the Right Email Template for Your Event

Your email template for events can do most of the work for you as you create your event marketing campaign, and choosing the right template will make all the difference. How do you find that perfect fit? Consider these factors.

Types of Events

The type of event you’re promoting will help you narrow down your template options. Are you advertising…

…a sale?
…a product launch?
…a social or educational event?
…a holiday-related event?

Look for templates that are most appropriate for your event. For example, if your event is related to a certain holiday, look for templates that are themed around that holiday. Or, for a sale, choose a template that includes product call-outs like our Back to Class and Looking Cool template.

Template Features

Whether you already have a clear vision for your event email marketing campaign or you’re looking for inspiration, each email template has its own features it offers.

For example, look for templates that are structured in the way you want. It helps to also choose a template that has the same types of media you plan to use, like a video at the top of the template or testimonial blocks.

While you can customize templates however you choose, the closer you can get to the design you want, the better. Responsive design is a vital feature too, as this allows your email to display properly on mobile devices and on any screen size.

Beefree’s Unique Offerings

Beefree offers more than a rich library of over 1,700 templates for your email designs. It also offers a range of features and options to strengthen your event campaign, such as:

A user-friendly email editor that makes it easy to customize your template however you choose

Embeddable media including videos, GIFs, stickers, and more

Matching landing page templates that can serve as a place for your audience to sign up for your event

Collaboration tools that let you comment on designs and get insights and approvals from your team members in real time

These tools and features make it easy to craft a professional events email design without any coding or design experience.

Design Considerations for Event Email Templates

As you’re selecting your event email template and customizing it for your campaign, there are several considerations to keep in mind to help make your upcoming event a hit.

Visual Appeal

The eyes are a powerful tool - strong visual design is an excellent way to appeal to your audience and make your message more engaging. 20% of marketers attribute a boost in engagement to better email design, and you can reap the rewards yourself with eye-catching and attractive visual designs.


In today’s mobile-oriented world, responsive design is a must. According to Marketing Insider Group, 70% of people will immediately delete or ignore emails that aren’t mobile-friendly. Choose a responsive design template like Beefree’s templates to avoid that pitfall.

Brand Alignment

Every email you send is an opportunity to grow your brand recognition and further nurture the connection and familiarity between your brand and your audience. Even subconscious familiarity can make your emails more effective - according to a Harvard professor, 95% of purchase decisions are influenced by subconscious factors.

Beefree’s event email templates will help you make the most of every email in your event marketing campaign. Explore our templates or sign up for Beefree to get started.