Types of e-commerce email templates

Email marketing can be a highly profitable strategy for ecommerce businesses. In fact, according to Litmus, the average return on investment for e-commerce email marketing is $45 for every dollar spent. Each email you send should have a specific purpose. To help you direct your next campaign consider these top types of e-commerce emails:

Welcome emails: automated emails you send to new email list subscribers or customers that create a new account, welcoming them to your community and inviting them to engage further

Promotion emails: advertisements and announcements about special offers and sales, designed to encourage customers to shop

Re-engagement emails: emails you send to customers who haven’t engaged with you in some time, enticing them to come back and potentially offering a special promotion

Abandoned cart emails: automatic emails you send to customers who put items in their digital cart but didn’t make a purchase within a certain period of time, reminding them about the items in their cart and sometimes incentivizing them to complete the purchase by offering a discount

Thank you or confirmation emails: automated emails that confirm a customer’s purchase, including relevant information like their purchase receipt and confirmation number, while also thanking the customer for their support

Loyalty program emails: emails that incentivize your customers to join your loyalty program or highlight how many loyalty points they have and invite them to shop with their rewards

Feedback emails: campaigns that ask customers for feedback, inviting them to complete your survey or to post a review for your business

Each of these types of e-commerce emails has a place and a purpose within your marketing and operations.

How to choose an e-commerce email template

Beefree has over 220 email templates that are specifically for e-commerce businesses. How do you choose the right one for your next campaign or for your automated process? Here’s what to look for:

Purpose-specific design: Think about the type of content your email will share and the goal of your email. Are you designing a newsletter that is meant to drive engagement? Or a promotional email that announces a sale? Choose a template that aligns with the type of campaign or email you want to create.

Responsive design: In today’s mobile-heavy world, it’s vital that your email displays properly on any size of screen, and this is called responsive design. Be sure to use an email template that is already designed to be responsive like all of Beefree’s templates.

Engaging design elements: To capture your audience’s attention, your email needs more than just straightforward text. It needs an attractive and engaging design, so choose a template that is eye-catching and sets the right tone for your message.

Keep in mind that all of Beefree’s email templates are highly customizable using our user-friendly HTML email editor. Whichever template you choose, you’ll be able to change the images and content, incorporate your branding, and more.

Beefree’s favorite e-commerce templates

Not sure where to start as you’re browsing for e-commerce HTML email templates? Allow us to give you a tour of our favorites:

Beefree Rebranding webinar

Color of the Year Collection Email
While this template is currently designed to highlight products with the 2024 color of the year, it’s an excellent way to announce or promote any exciting collection at your shop. It’s eye-catching and puts your products front and center with prominent calls to action.

Beefree Rebranding webinar

Let's Dream Together template
Designed for wedding planning, this email template offers an excellent way to showcase your products or services but in a calming, non-overwhelming way. The design uses white space to make each element of the email stand out.

Beefree Rebranding webinar

Memorial Day Flash Sale template
Dynamic elements make your email campaign stand out, and one fun way to incorporate this is with a dynamic countdown. The countdown in this template builds anticipation for a stellar sale coming up.