Selecting the Right Spring Template for Your Campaign

For your spring email marketing campaigns, a lively and seasonal design is an excellent way to catch your recipients’ attention.

As you’re choosing the perfect email templates for spring time, find the right fit with these tips:

Set an objective for your campaign. Are you advertising a promotion or sale? Are you sending informative, helpful content that will nurture the relationship with your audience? Are you announcing an exciting event? Use the filter Usage filter to find templates to suit your objective.

Put your brand forward. Choose a template that aligns with your brand’s values and your visual style. Keep in mind that you can change the colors, fonts, and other details, so you don’t need a template that already matches your brand perfectly.

Consider more specific spring themes. Beefree offers templates with themes for Earth Day, Easter, April Fool’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, and more so you can make your promotion more specific and holiday-oriented.

Match the user experience you want to create. Some templates are simple and designed to drive conversions, with very little content and a prominent call to action. Others are designed to pack in an abundance of content in a newsletter style, and we have templates everywhere in between as well.

Features of Beefree’s Spring Email Templates

Using email templates for spring time for free will keep your costs low so you can enjoy a better return on your investment, but not all templates are created equal.

Beefree is your premier source for high-quality free templates with advanced features such as:

Responsive design: Your email will display smoothly on screens of any size from desktops to phones with our responsive designs. This mobile-friendly design also improves email deliverability so more recipients will see your content.

Customizable elements: Every Beefree template is fully customizable so you can infuse it with your branding: your logo, brand colors, brand imagery, and so on to enhance brand recognition. You can also add, remove, and reposition content blocks with ease.

AI content generation: Beefree’s HTML email editor, which you’ll use to customize your template, includes an AI content generator to help you with the text of your email in a more efficient way.

Collaborative features: As you develop with Beefree’s email templates, you can use the editor’s collaborative features to stay on track with your teammates. You can tag team members for their input, request approval from leaders, and more.

Best Practices for Using Email Templates in Springtime

How can you make the most of your spring email template in your next campaign? After choosing the best template for your email’s intent, follow these best practices.

Embrace the spring theme. Spring is all about new beginnings and a bright optimism. On top of choosing a template that has a spring-themed visual design, embody the concepts of spring in your written content too. Your audience is already in the spring frame of mind, so meeting them there can help you relate to them.

Highlight the most seasonally relevant products and services. For example, if you’re marketing to parents, highlight products or services that will benefit them during the end of the school year and transition into the summer break.

Segment emails and create different versions for different audiences. Because Beefree’s templates are so customizable, you can create different versions for recipients who are at certain stages of the sales funnel, recipients in various locations, and so on. This makes each email more relevant and appealing to the recipient, bringing in as much as 760% more revenue.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks, explore Beefree’s abundant library of spring email templates and get started on your next high-performing email campaign with ease.