Getting started with Beefree’s business emails

The right email blast can turn heads, build customer loyalty, and contribute to revenue growth. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to be a coding whiz (or have any coding knowledge at all) to make that happen. It can all begin easily with well-designed business emails. With dozens of business email templates to choose from, explore these best practices to make your next campaign pop.

Formatting a business email

The way you format your email will depend on the type of content you’re presenting. For example, some business email formats include:

Newsletter - these formats have a collection of small or medium-sized sections of content

Product - these formats are image-forward emails that focus on highlighting one or a few products, typically to prompt sales or generate interest in a product launch

Announcement - these formats typically only have one primary section of content, usually written text that makes a special announcement

Your format will affect how successfully you convey your message and produce results. Your emails should be engaging and visually appealing - according to HubSpot, emails formatted with images, videos, or other multimedia elements perform better than those without.

You can construct your emails either using HTML for more design control or using text alone for more simplicity. Beefree’s email templates bridge the gap by giving you a user-friendly, coding-free way to create and customize HTML emails because the tool writes the HTML for you. Whichever option you choose, it’s important to ensure that your emails should be formatted in a professional, intentional way.

Types of business emails

With the right templates, formatting, and messaging, you can make each email you send as effective as possible. To help you make your next campaign a success, we’re highlighting the top types of business emails and how you can use our templates to make them thrive.

Thank you emails

Thank you emails can build customer loyalty by showing customers that you appreciate their business and their support. Our Thank You for Your Purchase template can smoothly integrate with your ecommerce software to send an automated thank you and order confirmation to customers when they make a purchase. It’s simple and to-the-point so the information is easy for customers to find.

You can customize it with your branding and with a special thank you message, such as, “Thank you for your support! A portion of your purchase contributes to our mission to improve fashion sustainability. We appreciate your help in this important mission, and the planet thanks you too!”

Event emails

When you have an event to market like a webinar, customer appreciation event, lunch and learn, or big sale, a specialized event email template like our Women Equality Day Workshop template can set you up for success. You can adjust the imagery and subject matter to reflect your specific event. For example, if you’re advertising a workshop for job seekers to prepare for their job skills, you might include a list of topics you’ll cover such as resume writing tips, networking pointers, and how to decipher job descriptions to find a good fit.

Feedback survey and review request emails

Gather productive, actionable feedback from customers with a well-crafted survey email like our Feedback is as Important as Teeth template. This user-friendly template allows your customers to respond directly with feedback rather than linking them to another page. You can include questions such as, “How would you rate your purchasing experience today?” and “How easy was it to find what you were looking for?”

Content download emails

There may be times when you want to encourage customers to download an app or download content like an ebook or a video. Start with a template that is specific to this goal such as our Yoga Health App template.

You can customize the design and content to prompt new downloads. For example, you can include a list of incentives or benefits to downloading your app such as, “Real-time order tracking,” “Personalized product recommendations,” “Sharable wish lists,” and “Notifications when an item you want is back in stock.”

Appointment emails

Take a bite out of your no-show appointments and last-minute cancellations with specialized appointment reminder and confirmation emails. Start with a template like our Day Spa Reservation template. Customize the design with your brand colors, logo, and other branding to make your email immediately recognizable.

You can also use it as an upsell opportunity by highlighting add-on options in the email, such as services that complement the service your customer has booked or products that will enhance their experience.

Reward, referrals, and promotion emails

To give customers a special reason to shop with you (other than their love for your products, of course), a well-designed email can highlight your latest promotion or incentivize them with your referral or rewards program. Start with a sales-driving template like our Valentine’s Day Flower Promotion template and incorporate content that advertises your big sale, like product photos with advertised discounts.

You can personalize this email as well such as by noting how many rewards points the customer has and how much they can save with their points.

Empowering your business with targeted email templates

Take advantage of the power of email marketing while saving time on your campaigns when you use our curated selection of dozens of business email templates from Beefree.

Explore the templates above, find the ideal fit for your next campaign, and start making a great impression in your customers’ inboxes.