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Email Templates for SendGrid

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Email Templates for SendGrid

SendGrid Email Templates: Browse beautiful responsive html templates for SendGrid, choose your favourite ones and customize them with drag & drop. No coding skills required!

Benefits of using BEE templates with SendGrid

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As the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform, SendGrid is a popular tool among marketers.
You can use SendGrid to save time and scale up your business as you automate your email marketing.
And when you pair SendGrid with other helpful marketing tools, your job as a marketer gets even easier.


SendGrid connects with the BEE email editor so you can design messages with BEE and then use them as SendGrid templates. Here's more information on the BEE editor and why it's such a helpful tool for brands.

Benefits of using SendGrid with BEE

The BEE editor is a free email marketing tool that utilizes a drag-and-drop interface to help you create marketing emails. Within the editor, easy-to-use features allow you to customize emails with your own text, images and brand visuals including your logo, brand colors and preferred fonts. You can choose to use the tool to design your own email from scratch, or you can select a beautifully designed email template and adjust any of the elements as needed.

BEE's catalog has more than 400 email templates created by professional graphic designers. For every event, holiday, or marketing campaign type, there are a variety of templates to choose from. With BEE, you don't have to do any HTML coding. Each template is already a responsive, optimized email, so the only thing you have to do is drop in your text and logo and hit send.

How to use SendGrid with BEE

Ready to link your SendGrid and BEE accounts and start designing promotional emails? Check out this SendGrid templates tutorial to learn how to use SendGrid with BEE:

How to connect your accounts

Log into SendGrid and click "Settings", then click "API keys" and "Create an API key". Type in a name for the key and make sure you select full access. Then create the key, copy it and open up your BEE Pro dashboard.

Within your BEE account, select "Settings" and then "Connectors". You'll see SendGrid on the list. Paste your API key and your account name into the pop-up. Then your accounts will be connected so you can send free SendGrid templates from BEE to your SendGrid dashboard.

How to export SendGrid templates

Once your accounts are connected, you can export SendGrid templates one at a time as soon as you finish designing each one. Open a BEE email template of your choice and customize it with your information. When you're through designing, save the template and click "Export message". From the pop-ups, choose "Push to another sending system" and select SendGrid. Then you can export your SendGrid templates from there.

Do you manage email marketing for multiple clients? If so, consider signing up for a BEE Agency account. This plan allows you to connect with multiple SendGrid accounts, helping you keep everything organized as you complete marketing tasks for various brands.

Whether you use BEE as an agency or for free, you can level up your email marketing with dynamic SendGrid templates!


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