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Page Templates for Small Business

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Page Templates For Small Business

Choose one of our Small Business templates, and use BEE’s drag-and-drop interface to create the structure and layout of your page. BEE’s preview feature also makes it simple to see how your message will look when viewed on different devices. All of BEE’s HTML page templates are responsive and optimized for mobile viewing.

Landing Page Templates

Want to create a landing page but feeling overwhelmed by the design process? Whether you’re aiming to increase conversion rates, track marketing success, or provide a personalized experience, we've got you covered. Choose one of our 300+ free templates to get started!

No-Code Landing Page Templates

With BEE Pro's free drag-and-drop builder, designing multi-content campaigns is a breeze! BEE Pro automatically generates HTML code for all your landing pages and emails, making it easy to export. Simply copy and paste the code into your application, download it as an HTML file, or host your landing page directly in BEE Pro.

Responsive Landing Page Templates

No more unresponsive landing pages! Our builder always delivers responsive HTML code for optimal display on all devices, email clients, and browsers. Plus, with our Mobile Design Mode, you can create engaging landing pages that convert by seeing exactly how your templates adapt to mobile design.