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Support fundraising email template
Support fundraising email template

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Designed by: Andrea Dall'Ara
Usage: Events
Tags: news light white sans serif light blue non profit minimalistic covid coronavirus protection prevention covid19 covid-19 crisis email
Our Support Fundraising email template is the perfect way to mobilize your customers to give to a good cause. We designed this minimalistic email with COVID19 in mind — this coronavirus email shares three things you and your email subscribers can do to help local businesses, patients, and other individuals during this time. The white-and-blue email can be easily customized to fit your company’s branding; companies in the health and wellness industry in addition to nonprofits can use this email. The Support Fundraising email template is free for all BEE users and works with connectors like Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and Hubspot so you can send this crisis email to your subscribers.
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