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Simple Annual Review - Email Template

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Designed by: Betina Todorova
Tags: highlights abstract social platform fun social colourful geometric year in review
Ready to bid farewell to 2020 and enter a new year? Use our Simple Annual Review template to celebrate. Designed by Betina Todorova, this seasonal promotion template is a fun way to send a year in review email to your customers, highlighting everything your company has done over the past year. Use this colorful email to share statistics including how many new followers you got, how many new products you launched or whatever else you want to add. This socially-oriented email is 100% free to use. Customize the template with your details using the BEE editor. When you’re finished, export the email to your email service provider of choice or as a ZIP file. Our Simple Annual Review email template can help you start the new year in style!
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