We are BEE

Welcome to beautiful, fast email creation

BEE stands for "Best Email Editor". That's the ambitious goal that we set for this project. Made with lots of passion between San Francisco and Italy, BEE is used both online here at beefree.io and embedded in hundreds of SaaS applications.

The BEE ecosystem

BEE aims to be the best drag-&-drop email builder for designing mobile-responsive emails, quickly and easily, anywhere.

BEE Free: No signup required. Design a gorgeous email instantly.
BEE Pro: An upgrade from Free. Create, collaborate, push to ESPs.
BEE Plugin: Embed BEE to bring awesome email creation inside your Web app.

BEE is part of the MailUp Group

In business for over a decade, MailUp is a major email service provider with over 10,000 paying customers in over 50 countries. The company is publicly traded on the Italian stock exchange.

MailUp is the first and one of the heaviest users of BEE Plugin, which means that the BEE project has all the organizational support of the company. The MailUp marketing platform leverages BEE for both emails and landing pages, pushing the product to get better every day.

Press Kit

You can find everything in this handy press kit. And if there's something you can't find, contact us!

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