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BEE Pro Team - Starting from $25/m (paid yearly)

Scale up your no-code email and landing page design

Leverage BEE Pro to build a centralized email and landing page design system. Move fast while staying in control of both your digital assets and your growing team.

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Manage the team

Scale up your no-code design efforts while staying in control. Define who can do what by configuring roles and permissions for your team members, based on their skills and level of responsibility. Improve collaboration by leveraging Viewers, who can view and comment on designs, but cannot edit them.

Manage & organize multiple customer projects
Export email POWER!

Build a design system

Design unlimited emails and landing pages, organizing them in project folders to keep everything nice and tidy. Build a design system with unlimited custom templates, reusable content blocks, and predefined style settings to further reduce production time and better enforce branding guidelines.

Team Plan superpowers

Unlimited designs

Create unlimited emails and landing pages. Design faster by copying existing assets, leveraging custom templates, and saving and reusing unlimited content blocks.

Project folders

Organize your emails and landing pages with project folders. Work fast by seeing a preview of the last asset edited in each folder, and quickly moving designs across them.

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Workspace settings

Better enforce branding guidelines by predefining a number of style settings (colors, active fonts, custom fonts) and save time by storing frequently used merge tags and special links.

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Reusable content

Create unlimited custom templates and reusable content blocks, organized in categories (headers, footers, special sections, etc.). It’s your no-code email and landing page design system.

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User management

Choose from a list of predefined roles when creating or editing a user. Roles determine what users can or cannot do in BEE Pro.

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Free Viewers

Ask colleagues or clients to comment on your email or landing page, directly in the visual builder, without adding a paid user and without any risk of them editing the design.

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Export to other apps

Export to additional apps, including HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, etc. More connectors are added all the time. Plus, export to PDF for sharing or printing.

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Remove “Designed with BEE”

On the Free plan, we ask customers to support our ability to keep a free plan going by spreading the word about BEE Pro. On Team, this no longer applies.

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BEE Pro Team, starting from $30/mo.

Plans & Pricing

15 days free, no credit card

Fast email design, review, and approval, plus user permissions at brand level.

If you need email review & approval tools, this is for you. Plus, save merge tags and special links for dynamic emails, and more.

Multiple workspaces

Think of a workspace as a separate environment with its designs, templates, reusable content, user access restrictions, style settings, connectors to other apps, and more.

Real-time co-editing

Take collaboration to another level by allowing colleagues, parters and/or clients to co-edit emails and landing pages at the same time, Google Docs-style.

Custom domains

Further personalize landing page hosting directly in BEE Pro by configuring a custom domain (e.g. pages.mycompany.com) at the workspace level.

Premium support

Get all the help you need to make sure that your entire organization makes the most out of BEE Pro: personalized onboarding, dedicated account manager, priority support.


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