The embeddable editor for SaaS

An email and landing page builder your customers will love

Easiest landing pages. Ever.

BEE makes it a total walk-in-the-park to build beautiful, mobile-ready landing pages.

Drag a hero image directly from your desktop, design bulletproof call-to-action buttons that convert, embed a video or a Typeform, apply a background image… you name it.

Total ease of use coupled with deep design flexiliby for those that need it. Give your users a landing page builder that makes them feel good.

A true story

We built BEE to be one of the very “best email editors”.

Then, one day, our users at MailUp asked us if they could build landing pages with it.

“Why not?” So we took it pretty much ‘as is’ and created a “Landing pages” feature around it in the MailUp platform.

What was born as an email editor is now becoming more than that…

  • Drag-n-drop

    Insert content elements, move them, change message structure, drag images directly from your desktop.

  • A breeze to use

    A user experience that feels just right: the result of several years of work and thousands of active users.

  • Designer friendly

    From padding to borders, from buttons to background colors: deep design flexibility.

  • Free

    A free version so you can embed the BEE editor anywhere, regardless of pricing model.

Embedded in no time

BEE Plugin is an AngularJS web plugin, easily and quickly embeddable in your SaaS application. Installation and configuration only takes a few minutes, and code samples can get you going in no time.

Sample code and templates

  • Minutes not weeks

    Get a prototype going in minutes

  • Oauth2

    State-of-the-art app auth

  • Merge tags

    Pass merge tags to the editor

  • Special links

    Eg using your unsub link syntax

  • Custom storage

    Use ours or connect to yours

  • Autosave

    Configurable autosave & more

Peace of mind.

One less (super-time-consuming) thing for you to worry about.

Just like the emails produced with BEE are mobile-ready, the landing pages created with the editor are natively responsive and perfectly ready for your smartphone users.

In fact, they’re perfect to link to from an email or SMS campaign: from a responsive email to a mobile-optimized page. One, beautiful, mobile user experience.

Dogfooding, cubed.

BEE Plugin is hosted on Amazon Web Services and already in use by hundreds of SaaS applications all over the world. Among them…. us. At MailUp, we’re the first super-heavy user of the BEE editor and its plugin, and we use it for both email and landing pages.

If there’s a bug, we’re the first to hear it. If it were to ever go down, we’d be the first to suffer. Totally honest dogfooding, built-in insurance for you.

And if your legal team needs even more insurance, ask us about the BEE Plugin software escrow account.

Embedded in hundreds of cutting-edge SaaS applications, including...