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Next Webinar: In 2 Days! - Email Template

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Designed by: Yorbi Barriento
Tags: virtual learning speakers meeting webinar event invitation conference business month agenda calendar education others
Do you have a webinar coming up? Get the word out with our Next Webinar: In 2 Days! email template. This reminder email is designed to notify customers about your upcoming event. Send it to customers who have already registered to remind them that the event is starting soon, or leverage this template to get a few last-minute sign-ups. This minimalist template lets you include a CTA, agenda and list of speakers who will be at your event. Best for companies in the education or computer and internet industries, you can use this business invitation email template to get more conversions and ensure attendees actually show up. This template was designed by Yorbi Barriento and is completely free to use. It’s also compatible with 10 email service providers, such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact and more.
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