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Labor YAY Sale! - Email Template

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Designed by: Jen Schmaltz
Tags: seasonal labor day labour labor discount code sale sales holiday code promotion orange
Labor Day is coming up, and you need the perfect email to advertise your Labor Day discounts and sales. Use our Labor YAY! Sale template to get the job done! This playful orange email will stand out in an inbox and catch your reader’s eye. Add some snazzy product photos and you’re all set to make some serious sales. We recommend this template primarily for brands in the health and wellness industry or the cosmetics industry, but any business will benefit from this seasonal promotion email template. The template was created by designer Jen Schmaltz, and it’s completely free for all BEE users so you can customize the message using the BEE editor. When you’re finished designing, export the email to one of BEE’s 10 connector options — which include Gmail, HubSpot, Mailchimp and more.
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