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Designed by: Yuliana Pandelieva
Tags: autumn seasonal promotion interior design furniture new collection gradients fall home decor fall colours warm
Create a warm and cozy autumn email with our Fall in Love email template. This seasonal promotion email is the perfect way to showcase your new autumn products. It’s the perfect email template for manufacturing companies or companies in the marketing and design industry. No matter what type of furniture or home decor you’re advertising, this product promotion email with its warm fall colors will make your products stand out. The Fall in Love email template was created by designer Yuliana Pandelieva and is exclusively available for BEE Pro users (click below for a free two-week trial of BEE Pro). Customize the template using the drag-and-drop BEE editor. Then export it as a ZIP file, a PDF, or HTML or push it over to the email sending system of your choice.
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