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Back to school discount code - Email Template

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Designed by: Gaia Zuccaro
Tags: colorful sales school promotion illustration backpack activities discount code back to school special day
It’s almost that time of year for back to school sales. Advertise yours with our Back to School Discount Code email template! Created by designer Gaia Zuccaro, this seasonal promotion email is great for the education industry. The design of the template is reminiscent of a magazine page, with pastel-colored sections to show off your different deals. Use this email to share a discount code with customers and get more revenue from your online store. This email template is only available for BEE Pro users; if you don’t have a Pro account, get a free trial by clicking below. You also have the ability to export your finished email to one of 10 email service providers that connect with BEE. Use the Back to School Discount Code email template during this back to school season!
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