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The embeddable landing page editor for SaaS

Product Launch? Sign-up page? Last-minute sale?
With our Page Builder, your users will craft the perfect landing page
for any occasion, going from idea to ready-to-go in hours, not days.

Email to Page in no time

Wow effect: email to page in no time

Marketing campaigns often include both emails and landing pages. With BEE, your users will be able to design both, and erupt with a loud "wow!!" when converting emails to landing pages with a few clicks. Fast, complete campaign design under one roof.

Our trademark UX, now for pages

No need to learn how to use another editor - your users will find themselves right at home and create landing pages with the same great UX they already know and love. And that includes unique features like designing in mobile-first mode (new in 2021!).

Trademark UX
Exciting capabilities

Exciting capabilities for landing pages 

New features that will jumpstart your page builder offering:

Add forms for any use case.
Create one-page websites with internal navigation.
Improve SEO and accessibility with headings.
Embed custom code and external scripts.
Icon designs for feature lists like this one :)

Superpowers, at a fraction of the cost

With BEE, you'll have a killer landing page editor that will let you focus on what your app does best. You can leverage features like Saved & Custom Rows, Display Conditions, and Custom AddOns, re-using any development you did for the email editor - or implementing them in both at the same time!

Superpowers at a fraction of the cost

Everything you need to bring landing page creation into your app

Forms Icon


With the Form content block, users have complete control over the setup of their form fields. And they also get the usual BEE design flexibility, so that their forms will blend perfectly with any landing page.

Custom and Saved Rows Icon


Preload ready-to-go, personalized content, or let users save content in BEE to use it again later . Streamline landing page creation with headers, promotions, product descriptions, feature lists, social proof, etc.

Mobile Editing Icon


Mobile-first customers need mobile-first landing pages: your users will love being able to design pages directly in mobile view , one of the biggest UX improvements added to BEE in 2021!

Collaboration Tools Icon


When creating landing pages is teamwork, BEE has the perfect solution for modern-day teams. With Commenting and Collaborative editing, team members can cut time-to-publish and have a single source of truth.

Customization Icon


An editor meant to be seamlessly integrated into your app, from the look & feel to fine-grained permission permissions. You may also build your own content tiles for any specific need of your app!

Peace of Mind Icon


As an email builder, we're known for excellent support and best-in-class performances & uptime; you can expect the same for the page builder. And we're always the first users, so that's built-in insurance.

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